Mission: Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel

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  • Mision map for the Grand Hotel. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the famous Grand Hotel, including any security features it might have that aren't common knowledge.

    If you purchase this intel, then security cameras, computers, and more will be shown on your map.

  • Bonus objective for the mission. An anonymous informant will sell you information on a valuable target that will be at the hotel the same time as you.

    This intel will net you $10,000 when you break into a safe in the hotel (#9).

  • Heck knows a man at the Grand Hotel that will, for the right price, "accidentally" leave some valuables out in the open for you.

    If you purchase this intel, then you'll find a random mod plus three boxes of specialty ammo in the security wing of the hotel (#6).

  • Hong Shi is a man of great influence and can pull the strings of many "legitimate" businesses. Because it serves his purposes, he's willing to make use of his clout at the Grand Hotel and make sure that the most capable security personnel are off duty when you arrive.

    Note: This intel will only be available if you completed the mission Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums, and if you have a high enough reputation with Hong Shi.

    This intel will lower the quality of the security personnel in the hotel.


You'll have some help in this mission -- Steven Heck and Scarlet Lake, plus Mina as your handler -- and you'll begin the mission in a conference call with them. You should be professional with Scarlet to gain reputation with her (and you should avoid being suave, or else you'll lose reputation with her and Mina). For Heck, you'll gain reputation if you're aggressive, although the more aggressive you are with him, the more violent he'll be during the mission.

When you gain control of your character, you'll start out in your hotel room (#1). After looting some ammunition from the bathroom, you'll just need to head over to the elevator (#2) to arrive in the security wing of the hotel. Heck will be there already "distracting" the guards. Go ahead and help him finish the job, but don't kill anybody. The security guards in the hotel aren't bad guys, and if you kill them, then you'll lose reputation with Mina.

Once you've taken care of the guards in the security wing, Heck will disappear, and you'll be able to get to work. You'll find lots of cash ($) and mods (#3 and #6) lying around, and if you hack the computers in the wing, then you'll be able to deactivate the nearby cameras (#4), obtain a map of the hotel (#5), and gain intel on the NSB (#7). Only obtaining the map is required, but the rest is a good idea.

When you obtain the map of the hotel, you'll discover that you'll need a special badge to reach the conference room where the NSB has its base of operations (#12). To get a badge, you'll need to rendezvous with Scarlet (#8). Scarlet will tell you that a Halbech rep has a badge, and she'll give you the key to his room (#10). She'll also give you a photograph of the rep, and she'll recommend that framing him in the penthouse security office (#9) will make it easier to get to his badge. You'll encounter four security guards in the penthouse of the hotel, but if you frame the rep then two of the guards and the rep will leave.

Note: If you decide to frame the rep, then you should return to the stairwell after talking to Scarlet. You'll be able to use the stairwell to reach the penthouse security office directly. But be careful. Bypassing the security office's lock can be difficult, especially late in the game, and you might need to use an EMP Charge.

With badge in hand, you'll be able to use the express elevator in the penthouse (#11) to travel down to the conference room being used by the NSB (#12). There you'll find a computer, and when you hack it you'll receive dossier information on Omen Deng and Ronald Sung. Then you'll just need to escape.... unless you'd like to help Steven Heck first. You'll have two options here:
  • If you decide to help Heck by wiping his file from the NSB computer, then lots of things will happen: two guards will rush into the conference room looking for you, all of the guards in the lobby (#13) will turn "red," and the hotel will go into lockdown mode, preventing your escape. To help you out, Heck will rush into the lobby and, in his own special way, distract the guards, and so you'll just need to sneak into yet another security office and hack the computer there (#14) to end the lockdown. For surviving all of that, you'll gain a point of reputation with Heck, and you'll also learn his secret dossier fact.

  • If you decide not to help Heck, then the guards in the lobby (#13) will stay "green," the hotel won't go into lockdown mode, and Heck won't provide a distraction for you. However, you'll lose two points of reputation with Heck.
Either way, when you make your way to the front entrance of the hotel (#15), you'll discover that it's locked, and Mina will suggest an escape route through the access tunnels beneath the hotel. To get to them, you'll just need to reach the elevator behind the reception desk (Exit A). When you activate the elevator, the mission will come to an end.

1 - Your Room (Guest Floor)

2 - Elevator

This elevator will take you down from the guest floor to the security wing.

3 - Mods

You'll find random mods inside three locked closets in the hotel.

4 - Computer

If you hack this computer, then you'll deactivate the cameras in the security wing.

5 - Computer

If you hack this computer, then you'll gain a map of the hotel. This won't add anything to your map, but it's required for the mission.

6 - Mod / Specialty Ammo

If you purchased the Heck intel, then you'll find a random mod on top of the cabinet here, plus three boxes of specialty ammo on the floor next to the door to the closet.

7 - Computer

If you hack the computer here, then you'll gain dossier information on the NSB.

8 - Scarlet

9 - Security Office

This is where you'll be able to frame the Halbech rep, by hacking into the computer in the office. If you purchased the "anonymous informant" intel, then inside the office you'll also discover a painting with a safe behind it, and inside the safe you'll find $10,000.

10 - Rep's Room

Inside the room, you'll find the rep's badge (on a nightstand by the bed), a safe (in the bathroom), and a computer (at the bar). If you break into the safe, then you'll receive some Halbech data, which will lead to you receiving an incriminating email about Halbech (exposing their accounting practices). If you hack the laptop, then you'll complete the objective "Halbech Intel," which will give you some dossier information about Halbech.

11 - Express Elevator

12 - Conference Room

13 - Lobby

14 - Lockdown Computer

15 - Main Entrance

  1. Elevator to access tunnels.