Mission: Prevent Surkov's Escape

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You'll only receive this mission if you talked to Brayko at the end of the mission Assault Brayko's Mansion.

  • Bonus objective added to the mission. A well-placed bribe will yield a tip on any targets of opportunity you might find in Surkov's place of business.

    Purchasing this intel will reward you with a completed objective and 100 xp for hacking a computer on the first floor of the building (#3).

  • Mission map for the mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the Molotek offices.

    If you purchase this intel, then you'll see a handful of computers and security features labeled on your mission map.

  • Dossier information on Surkov's Guards. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the old guard mobsters that work for the "retired" crime lord Sergei Surkov.


This is a short mission. You'll start out in the lobby of Surkov's Molotek building, and you'll just need to disable or evade a handful of guards while you make your way up to Surkov on the second floor (#4). When you reach him, you'll have to make a decision. Surkov will claim that he and Halbech aren't working together any longer, and that he'd like nothing more than for them to get out of Moscow. You can then:
  • Let him go. The mission will come to an end, and you'll be done with Moscow. However, you'll miss out on some dossier information (#5-7).

  • Attack him. This will cause Surkov to flee, but his bodyguard Championchik will step in to block your way. Championchik is a boxer, so he'll try to engage you in melee combat, but he's not in great shape, so if you keep running away from him then he'll struggle to keep up, and you'll be able to shoot at him at your leisure. Just don't stand there and trade blows with him, or else you probably won't last very long.

    After dealing with Championchik, plus a few anonymous guards, you'll catch up to Surkov at the helicopter pad (#8). He'll try to run to his helicopter, but you'll shoot him in the leg, and then you'll have to decide whether to let him live or not. Either way, Surkov will tell you where to find incriminating evidence about Halbech, and that's how your stay in Moscow will end.

    Note: If you decide to kill Surkov, but you allowed Brayko to live, then Brayko will show up on the helicopter pad to help you finish the job. He'll use his knives, of course.

    Another Note: If you kill Surkov, then you'll lose reputation with Mina.

1 - Computer (Lower Floor)

Hacking this computer will net you $2000 and dossier information on Championchik.

2 - Random Mod (Lower Floor)

3 - Email Computer (Lower Floor)

You'll be able to interact with this computer regardless, but hacking it will only complete the "Gather Molotek Intel" objective if you purchased the "bonus objective" intel from the clearinghouse.

4 - First Meeting with Surkov (Upper Floor)

5 - Safe (Upper Floor)

Inside this safe you'll find $1000, some Halbech data (which will give you the "Crusader Artillery Missile" email when you return to your safehouse), and Brayko's secret dossier fact.

6 - Briefcase (Upper Floor)

Inside this briefcase you'll find $4000 and Grigori's secret dossier fact.

7 - Email Computer (Upper Floor)

Hacking this computer will net you $7000 and give you dossier information about SIE.

8 - Helicopter Pad