Mission: Investigate Weapon Shpiments

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  • Intel on Dimitri Dragan. Dragan is known to be a high ranking member of Brayko's gang.

    Despite the way it sounds, this intel won't give you any dossier information. It will just cause Dimitri Dragan to appear in the mission (#15). Oddly, the end-mission summary will mention you killing him, whether he was in the mission or not.

  • Additional supplies added to mission area. A disgruntled guard is willing to divulge the whereabouts of hidden caches if the price is right.

    If you purchase this intel, then markers will appear on your mission map showing you where you can pick up cash, mods, and ammunition. Three boxes of specialty ammunition will also be added to the mission (near #5).

  • Sniper rifle dead drop. For a small fee, a courier can be hired to leave a rifle stashed on the scene for you to use.

    If you purchase this intel, then you'll find the sniper rifle in one of the trainyards (#12).

  • Dossier information on the VCI. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the Veteran Combat Initiative corporation.


When you arrive in Leningradski Station (#1), you'll witness a bunch of Russian mafia gunmen fighting SIE and a team of VCI operatives. Once SIE has dispatched the gunmen, she'll turn to you. SIE is a potential handler and romance option, so it's a good idea to gain reputation with her, which you can do by religiously selecting the aggressive dialogue stance. It won't make a lot of difference if you decide to ally with SIE for this mission, though. If you do, then the handful of VCI operatives in the area will help you out. Otherwise, you'll have to fight them along with the remaining mafia gunmen, and you'll lose out on a potential point of reputation with SIE.

As you make your way through the trainyard, you'll have to deal with snipers (#7), a barricade (#11), and onrushing trains (which will kill you if you get too close to them), but for the most part the mission will just be about evading, disabling, or killing mafia gunmen. This is a difficult mission to try and stealth through (because of all of the wide-open spaces), so you might just want to shoot everything that moves, and ask questions later. Besides, that's how SIE would do it, right?

At the end of the mission, after hacking into a couple of computers and gathering data (at #6 and #14), you'll encounter SIE again. If you choose the aggressive stance with her, and then attack her, then you'll gain 2-3 points of reputation with her. If you end up fighting SIE, then you should not have too much trouble with the battle. SIE will have some VCI operatives with her, but you'll have cover and she won't, and so you should be able to line up critical hits or chain shots and take her out quickly. Once you've done enough damage to SIE, she'll escape via a helicopter, but she'll promise to see you again.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Random Mod

3 - Small Office (Upper Level)

You'll find two things of interest inside this office: a file containing $2500 and dossier information on the VCI, and a computer that will unlock a door to the south (#4).

4 - Locked Door (Upper Level)

You'll need to hack a nearby computer (#3) to get this door open.

5 - File

On a desk here you'll find a file containing $2500 and dossier information on Grigori.

6 - Computer

When you hack this computer you'll complete the "Retrieved Client List" objective.

7 - Snipers

The easiest way to kill these snipers is to shoot them from the nearby doorway (#4).

8 - Computer

If you hack this computer then you'll gain $6000 and dossier information on SIE.

9 - Briefcase (Lower Level)

Picking up this briefcase will net you $2000 and some Halbech data, which will result in you receiving a "Halbech Marketing" email when you return to your safehouse.

10 - Crane (Upper Level)

You'll need to operate this crane to knock down the barricade to the south (#11). When you do, some new mafia gunmen and VCI operatives will appear in the trainyard.

11 - Barricade

12 - Sniper Rifle

If you purchased the "sniper rifle dead drop" intel, then this is where you'll find the sniper rifle.

13 - Train Car

Inside this train car you'll find a weapon shipment. If you previously met Grigori (during the mission Contact Grigori the Informant), then you'll have a choice -- to reroute the shipment or to destroy it. Otherwise you'll only be able to destroy it. Either way, going inside the train car will cause a handful of new mafia gunmen to appear in the trainyard.

14 - Computer

Hacking this computer will complete the "Find Shipping Manifest" objective. If you rerouted a weapon shipment earlier in the mission (at #13), then this is where you'll be able to set its destination. If you send the shipment to Grigori, then you'll receive $30,000 (via email), and you'll gain one or two points of reputation with Grigori, but you'll lose a point of reputation with Mina. If you reroute the shipment to yourself, then when you return to your safehouse, you'll receive a UC .50 Pistol, a UC RCP, a UC Wolverine, a UC AK90, and a collection of mods, gadgets, and ammunition.... all of which will sell for something less than $30,000, so you're probably best off directing the shipment to Grigori.

15 - Dimitri Dragan

If you purchased the "Dimitri Dragan" intel, then this is where you'll find him.

  1. Connector for the eastern and western halves of the mission map.