Mission: Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally

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  • Heck can make sure that your allies are equipped with better weapons and armor.

    Note: This intel will only be available if you have allies (either G22 or the Triads), and if Steven Heck likes you.

    If you purchase this intel, then your allies in the mission will have better equipment.

  • Sniper Rifle Dead Drop. For a price, you can arrange a courier to deliver a precision rifle to the park for use in your mission.

    You'll find the sniper rifle almost right away in the mission (#2). This might make it easier to take out the guards on the other side of the river, especially if you don't use assault rifles.

  • Mission map of Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Park. A surveillance company will provide you with detailed information on the areas of the park not accessible to the public.

    The map will show the usual -- computers, turrets, and cameras -- plus a stealth route that you can take.

  • Government employees are notoriously susceptible to bribery, especially those working for Parks and Recreations departments. A "donation" to a park employee could gain you special access through the park.

    If you purchase this intel, then an extra zip-line will appear in the mission (#7). This zip-line will also appear if you're allied with G22.


Depending on who you made friends with in the earlier missions in Taipei, you might have some allies for this mission -- either the Triads (if you didn't blackmail Hong Shi) or G22 (if you removed the bugs from their servers, or if they at least think you did). Each ally will send you some men to help you in a couple of battles. There isn't any way to refuse this help, so you'll just have to roll with it.

You'll start out in Memorial Park (#1) near a bridge (#4). If the CSP officers in the park detect you, then they'll set off the alarms and blow up the bridge. If you want to avoid this, then you'll need to stay stealthy, or you'll need to hack a computer (#4) to disarm the explosives. If the bridge blows up, then you'll have to take a zip-line (#5) to cross the river.

Past the bridge, you'll encounter groups of CSP officers, and this is where your allies will assist you. You won't really be able to stealth through the mission, so just gun down the officers who get in your way, and keep moving forward. When you reach Memorial Hall (#12), you'll finally spot Omen Deng. He'll have some officers with him, and they'll all attack you. This isn't the real boss fight yet, so Omen will leave once you've done enough damage to him, or if you get too close to him, or when you've killed the officers with him.

You'll then have to chase Omen Deng through Memorial Hall, climbing up and around scaffolding as you go. In a few places Omen will summon some more CSP officers to attack you, and sometimes he'll even stop and attack you himself, but eventually he'll retreat and you'll have to continue your pursuit.

Note: Any damage you do to Omen during these skirmishes will stay with him when you start the real battle.

When you reach the balcony of Memorial Hall (#13), you'll finally be alone with Omen, and he'll finally decide to stay and fight. Omen will sneak around and use a laser-scoped shotgun to fire at you, and every so often he'll charge at you and try some melee attacks. At least once in the fight he'll also summon some CSP officers to harass you. You should take out the officers as quickly as possible so you can focus on Omen.

Omen is one of the bosses who can be killed pretty easily using Chain Shot and Brilliance. Other than that, it's probably best to avoid melee combat with him. Just run away from him and then fire at him when he charges at you. If you can make the battle last long enough (about three minutes), then you'll gain the Always Listening perk when President Sung completes his speech outside.

At the end of the battle, you'll have to make a choice -- to kill Omen Deng or to talk to him. If you kill Omen Deng, then you'll receive Omen's Shotgun (worth $25,000). If you talk to him, then you'll learn that he's really a double agent, and that he thought you were the assassin. This will result you in receiving the secret dossier facts for Omen Deng and Richard Sung.

Defeating Omen Deng will complete the mission and also the Taipei portion of the campaign. You'll receive two perks for this: either Secret Service or Keeping the Peace (for saving Richard Sung or the crowd at the rally), and Seasoned, Experienced, or World Traveler (depending on where you are in the campaign).

Finally, when you return to your safehouse after completing the mission, one of two things will happen. If you're far enough into the campaign, and if Steven Heck doesn't like you, then he'll name you as being involved in Richard Sung's assassination. Otherwise, he'll name Wen Shu (the guy he was interrogating when you first met him).

1 - Starting Point

2 - Sniper Rifle

3 - Computer

Hacking this computer will prevent the CSP from blowing up the bridge (#4).

4 - Bridge

5 - Zip-Line

6 - Armor Mod

You'll find a random armor mod here.

7 - Balcony

You can find up to four useful things on this balcony: a random weapon mod, a turret that you can use against the CSP officers to the east, a computer that you can hack to deactivate the turrets to the east, and possibly a zip-line that will allow you to skip one of the battles to the east. The zip-line will only appear if you're allied with G22, or if you purchased the "government employees" intel.

8 - Computer

If you hack this computer, then you'll gain some Halbech data, which will result in you receiving a "Weapon Sales" email after the mission.

9 - Computer

If you hack this computer, then you'll turn off the cameras in the area.

10 - Armor Mod

You'll find a random armor mod here.

11 - Computer

There isn't any way to reach the computer on the balcony here, but if you can remotely hack it, then you'll be able to turn off the turrets in the area.

12 - Memorial Hall

13 - Balcony

  1. Park path.