Mission: Contact President Sung
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You'll get to meet with President Sung in this mission, but you won't be able to do much -- you won't even be able to gain or lose influence with him -- and Sung will only believe in the one plot you were able to recover information about during the previous mission. That means, if you recovered the file about the riots, then he'll take steps to add extra security, and if you recovered the file about his assassination, then he'll agree to wear a bullet-proof vest. Whichever plot you convince Sung about will fail, but the other one will succeed. There isn't any way to protect against both plots.

"Whatever comes will come, and Taiwan will weather it as she always has."

After the mission, when you return to your safehouse, you'll get a call from Scarlet. If you choose the suave dialogue options with her, then you'll gain 2 points of reputation with her during the course of the conversation.