Mission: Investigate Delivery at Warehouse

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  • Bonus objective added to the mission. An anonymous source will sell you email intercepts pointing to targets of interest.

    We believe this intel refers to the briefcase in the trailer (#2), but that briefcase will always appear in the mission, and so there isn't any reason to purchase the intel.


You'll begin the mission just outside the warehouse (#1), with a pair of VCI guards to keep you company. Once you've dealt with the guards, when you enter the warehouse, you'll witness a man being interrogated (if you've been to Moscow already, then he'll mention you). But before the man can say too much, some Russians will rush into the warehouse, and a firefight will break out.

You're not really required to take part in the fight. You can let the Russians and VCI guards shoot it out while you creep around the warehouse and search for useful loot (like the mod at #5). All you'll need to do is make your way to the upper level office (#7), where you'll find a computer. When you reach the computer, Mina will inform you that the police are on their way, so you'll have to quickly hack the computer, then search the body of the man who was being interrogated (#4), and then escape.

If you take too long inside the warehouse, then two police officers will show up and begin securing the area. Dispatching these officers will just cause more officers to show up (up to about ten total), so your best bet is simply to avoid them and sneak your way to the exit gate (Exit A), which will cause the mission to end. Although the back parking lot is shown in the mission map, there isn't any way to reach it. The only way to complete the mission is to go through the police officers in the front parking lot.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Locked Trailer

If you pick up the briefcase here, then you'll complete the "Retrieve Cash" objective and earn $7500.

3 - Safe

You'll find $6000 inside this safe.

4 - Body

You'll only be able to examine the body after you've hacked the computer upstairs (#7).

5 - Random Mod

6 - Safe (Lower Level)

Inside this safe you'll find dossier information on Scarlet Lake.

7 - Office (Upper Level)

Inside this office you'll find three things of interest: a safe containing $4000, files worth $2000, and a computer. Hacking the computer will complete your main objective for the mission.

  1. Parking lot exit.