Fort Ilkard: Orc Lair
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Orc Lair

Use this cave exit to get back to the Fort Ilkard area. Inside the Orc Lair, be ready to fight several Ogre Berserkers, Ogre Mages, Orc Champions and Shamans as well.


In one of the chests in this room you will find a powerful magical Great Axe. Though probably random the Axe I found seems to belong in an Orc Lair. The axe is called Gruumsh Hand and holds some legends of an Orc that became the Avatar of the Orc God Gruumsh.


Guzud the second Orc bandit that has a price on his head can be found here in this room. After a beating he will talk to you and beg you to spare his life. He is even willing to give you a head of another Orc to prove to Rolkid that Guzud is dead if you decide to let him live. You can either let him live and gain 312 experiences points or kill him. In any case you can also ask for gold before you kill him or not and he will give you 500 gold pieces in order to save his life. You can then return the head back to Rolkid and collect your reward.


Uncas is a priest of the Elk tribe and was caught by Guzud's band of Orcs when he went searching for a cure to save his people. Apparently the Elk tribe joined the Luskan forces for no other reason than to find a cure for the plague. You can then offer to help Uncas and the Elk tribe people in their search for a cure. To help you in your cause Uncas will give you a Feather of Peace to use when you reach the Elk Tribe keep and speak with the leader of the Elk tribe, Zokan.

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