City Core
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City Core

A young girl by the name of Bethany will approach you when you exit the Temple of Tyr. She will frantically tell you that prisoners have escaped from Neverwinter Prison and are killing people in the Peninsula District.

Once the Peninsula District is back to normal return here and speak with Bethany again. If you are kind to her you will earn 3 alignment points towards good.


Next to a great oak tree, you will find a man named Nyatar. If you are a druid or ranger (or make a successful persuade check), he will tell you that animals are suffering from the plague at Neverwinter's zoo. He will ask that you free four creatures from the zoo - a bear, panther, wolf, and lion. If you accept, he'll give you a key to the zoo, a Transport Via Plants scroll, and some Scented Fetish that will allow you to speak to the animals with the skill of a druid or ranger.

He also has a variety of equipment to sell but it's mostly directed to Druids and Rangers.

When the animals at the zoo are freed, return here to collect your reward from Nyatar. You will then be rewarded with 200 experience points, 400 gold pieces and with a successful persuasion check you will also earn a piece of Ironwood.


The Cloaktower is home to Eltoora Sarptyl, leader of the Many-Starred Cloak guild. If you are a Sorcerer or Wizard (nope, no persuasion checks on this one), you can offer to join the guild. She will ask that you bring her a bit of clay, a flask of water, a puff of fog, and a bit of kindling wood from the arcane laboratories of the Many-Starred Cloak located throughout Neverwinter. She will then tell you that each lab is marked with a sundial and give you a key to enter them. In addition, she will also sell various magic items, including mage robes and quite a few spell scrolls.

Below you can find the locations of these rare items Eltoora wants in order to let you join the guild:

  • Rare Earth Clay : Wizard Lab at Peninsula District
  • Kindling Wood : Wizard Lab at Beggar's Nest
  • Flask of Water : Wizard Lab at Docks District
  • Puff of Fog : Wizard Lab at Blacklake District

With all these items in your possession return here and gave them to Eltoora. She will then offer you a final test. The test requires of you to step into the portal nearby and defeat one of Eltoora's special Automatons. You will also be rewarded with 300 experience points for retrieving these items. When you enter the portal you will have some time to get the wands from the various containers there. Some of them can cast Stoneskin and slow. Slow will make your life easier if cast on the Minogon there. When you finally defeat the Minogon exit the chamber and speak with Eltoora again to complete your initiation. She will then congratulate you for earning a place amongst the member of the Many-Starred guild and she will also give you a cloak, the Many-Starred cloak, along with another 300 experience points.


A Priest of Helm stands here and will answer several of your questions. When you end dialogue with him, he will offer to give you a blessing.

(Notice the strange effect when he blesses you?)


Mano, the guard who stands here by the gate to Beggar's Nest, will tell you that the district has been quarantined due to a problem they are having with Zombies beyond the gate. He will allow you to pass (since you represent Lady Aribeth) and tell you to head to the Shining Serpent, a tavern where a man named Harben Ashensmith is organizing people against the undead.


To stock up on weapons and armor (including many magical ones), you'll want to pay a visit to Durga's shop here in the southern part of the City Core. If you are a warrior-type (or if you make a successful persuasion check), Durga will give you a ward stone that will allow you into the back room where you can have a dwarf named Marrok forge very powerful weapons and armor.

Marrok will give you a list of what items he can forge and what ingredients are required to do so.


Outside of Moonstone Mask you will find a Courtesan. Speak to her a while and if you are kind enough to give her a couple of coins you will earn a few alignment points towards good. If you feel extremely generous and give her a sum of 100 gold pieces you will earn a total of 7 alignment points towards good.

The Moonstone Mask is run by a woman named Ophala Cheldarstorn, who, if you're a Rogue (or make a successful persuasion check), will ask you to "liberate" a few pieces of art - a statuette from Lord Androd Golden (in the Docks district), a portrait from Lord Thoms Rumbottom (in the Blacklake district), and an urn from a man named Hodge (also in the Blacklake district). When you return each art object, you will receive 125 experience and 400 gold pieces.

Finally when you retrieve all the items you will be rewarded further will 250 experience points, 400 gold pieces and a pair of Boots, Boots of Reflexes +3. You can also gain a diamond with a successful persuasion check.

Additionally, she will offer you access to the backrooms if you first get a writ from Oleff in the Temple of Tyr declaring that you are plague-free and buy a Pass Coin from Torgo.

You can also speak to a man named Gilles, who stands not far from Ophala. If you accepted the task of finding the tomb of Halueth Never for Oleff in the Temple of Tyr, Gilles will offer more of a reward if you bring the artifacts to him instead. If not you will want to threaten him to give you one of this artifacts that already has into his possession to return back to Oleff. The artifact is called Jacob's Quill and it should not be so hard to get it from Gilles.

Aside from selling Pass Coins, Torgo also sells a nice variety of roguish magic items, so be sure to check out his wares.

More so, one of the girls upstairs that goes by the name Tymora has a problem and if you insist she will let you know of it. Apparently a man named Hoff keeps harassing her and she wants to stop that. If you accept to help her she will give you her brooch so that Hoff will know that she send you.

When you settle the loose ends with Hoff return here and inform Tymora about it. For that you will be rewarded with 50 experience points and an alignment shift of 3 points towards good.


Yet another merchant peddles his wares here in the southwest section of town. He sells quite a few magic items (including maps for all four of Neverwinter's other district), so you may want to pay him a visit.


This gate leads to the Peninsula district. A guard stands outside the gate and will answer several questions about the district before you head over. With a successful persuasion check, the guard will also mention that there has been a prison break and the district has become a very dangerous place to travel through.


This gate leads to the Docks district. As with the other gates, a guard stands outside this one and can be asked several questions about the happenings in the Docks district before you head there. With a successful persuasion check, he will even tell you that there has been increasing activity from the Bloodsailors, a local pirate's guild, and suggest that you speak with the Dockside Gate Guard to learn more about it.


If you're in need of a henchman, this is the place to be. Inside, you can hire one of several different henchmen for 200 gold each (or 150 with a successful persuasion check), including Daelan Red Tiger (Fighter), Boddyknock Glinckle (Sorcerer), Linu La'neral (Cleric), Grimgnaw (Monk), and Sharwyn (Bard).


After speaking with Mulland the Administrator outside the castle you will find out that you cannot enter the castle at the moment. In fact this will not happen until later on when you return to Neverwinter at Chapter 4.


The guard outside this gate will tell you that there are tensions rising in the Blacklake district and that some areas of it have become dangerous.


This building is empty but there are several crates and barrels that you can loot for minor magic items, gold, and a scroll of Raise Dead.


A guard named Ibarum stands watch at Neverwinter's main gate. He will not allow anyone to go in or out of Neverwinter until a cure for the plague is found.

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