Docks District
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Docks District

When you first enter the Docks District, you'll want to speak with Gate Captain Soren. He'll bring you up to speed with what's going on in the district and tell you to be careful of the thieves that run rampant in its streets.


You'll encounter a man named Neibor walking just outside of the protection of the guards. If you speak to him, you'll realize that he is scoping you out determined to steal gold from you. If you interrogate him, he will tell you that he needs gold for the auction that is taking place at the Seedy Tavern.

Also several thugs around this district will drop some smuggler coins. Keep as many as you can because you will need them later to buy some magic items at the Seedy Tavern.


Speak with Hemmel, his wife Agnes, and manservant Morden to learn that a man named Callik has taken their family heirloom in exchange for transport from Neverwinter. Unfortunately, he has not fulfilled his side of the bargain and Hemmel will ask you to find him and get the amulet back. To help you find him, Hemmel will give you an auction notice that Callik dropped when he left.

Once you defeat Callik down at the City Sewers and retrieve the amulet return here and speak with Hemmel Masterson to collect your reward. You can just give him back his amulet and you will be rewarded with 150 experience points, 4000 gold pieces and 3 alignment points towards good. You can however ask for a reward before you return the amulet and Hemmel will give you 150 experience points, 500 gold pieces and longsword +1. You can also persuade Hemmel to even give you the amulet back. If you choose to threaten you will get the same reward as above but you will also earn 3 alignment points towards evil.


A Priest of Helm stands here and will answer a few basic questions about the plague and Docks District. Before ending the conversation, he will offer you a blessing to help "aid" your travels.


Three Bloodsailors stand near the ship here. They will offer very little conversation and will threaten you if you try to ask questions. If you need a Bloodsailors Uniform to enter the Seedy Tavern, feel free to kill them and loot one. Be wary, however, as the three of them is a pretty tough fight.

Furthermore if you search the chest at the ship there you will find a strange brooch. The Brooch is the quest item for Daelan Red Tiger in this Chapter. See our Henchmen sections for more information.


This is the entrance to the Silver Sails Trading Company. The building will offer a passage to the sewers after you are on the hunt for Callik and Vengaul.

7 - HOFF

A man by the name of Hoff stands here, and will not speak to you unless you have spoken to the courtesan named Tymora in the back room of the Moonstone Mask (in the City Core). If you ask her about the trouble she is having, she'll explain that Hoff is giving her some trouble and give her broach to you to show him.

After you have done the latter, Hoff will be very nervous. You can either threaten to "rough him up", or kill him outright. Upon returning to Tymora at the Moonstone Mask, you'll receive 50 experience points and a 3 point alignment shift towards good.


The Golden Apple is a tavern run by a woman named Gilda, who will offer you a Smuggler's Coin and can shed some light on the whereabouts of Callik and Vengaul when talked to. Upstairs you'll find a couple of thugs to dispatch of, as well.


Outside this estate you'll encounter a guard named Burt who will tell you that only "friends" of Mr. Androd can enter the house. Fortunately, he doesn't much care for his job, so you can enter regardless of his warnings. Inside the estate you will find one of the items Ophala told you to retrieve for her.


When you approach the Seedy Tavern, you'll meet a beggar named Festiliard, who will ask for spare change. If you give him a few coins, he will answer a couple questions about the district and how to gain entrance to the Seedy Tavern. There are three ways to enter the tavern. See below:

  • 1st way: Obtain a Bloodsailor Uniform from area #5 and speak with the woman behind the main door to gain entrance.

  • 2nd way: Collect five smuggler coins and speak with the woman at the main door to gain entrance.

  • 3rd way: Retrieve the Tavern Key from the Locked House and area #12 and enter from tavern from area #15.

This is one of the spots that some cult assassins will try to take your life each time you return an ingredient back to Aribeth. If this happens remember to pick up the note they drop and bring it back to Fenthick at the Temple of Tyr.


Speak with Jerol inside and he will offer to sell you his wares (which include quite a few magic items). In addition to his standard selection of gear, he will also sell you up to three Smuggler's Coins for 150 gold pieces each, which can be used to buy some magical items in the Seedy Tavern.


This two story building is home to several Bloodsailors. There are several to dispatch on the first floor, after which you can search through the room to find some minor treasure. Head to the second floor to fight some more Bloodsailors, then search the two chests in the locked chamber to find some random loot, a tavern key, and some orders from Callik that describe his dissention against Vengaul. The tavern key can be used to enter the Seedy Tavern from the back door at area #15.


Another Wizard Lab is located in this district. If you are trying to gain membership to the Many-Starred Mage guild you will have to enter the lab and defeat the water Mephit that guards it. Once the Mephit is dead get the flask of Water from the divine pool nearby. The Flask of water is one of the items Eltoora told you to retrieve.


Torch each pyre at these areas for a reward of 25 experience points each.


You will need a key to unlock this door here, which leads into the Seedy Tavern. If you want to use this door you will have to obtain the key from inside the locked house at #12.


The gate here will take you down to a portion of the district's Aqueduct system. You will need to use this passage to reach the sewers later on when you are in search for Callik and Vengaul.


This is the entrance to the sewers of this area. However you cannot enter it at the moment but you will come out of here once you reach the sewers from a different rote. You can then use this exit to get back to sewers.

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