Priest (All Mythos) [Legacy Page]
1. Accept Helm's quest in the Temple District about the Cult of the Unseeing Eye. Complete it.

2. Go to the temple you want to join and report. You will become a member of that cult.

3. One of the acolytes of your new cult will tell you what to do next. You will need to help people to solve their problems. You will have 24 hours for each task. Quests in all temples are the same, but there is different way to solve them. It depends on the alignment of your cult.

Quest #1. Glinden - Wife is unfaithful.

    Lathander - tell him to forget her (20,000 xp).

       Helm - tell him to remind her about her promises (20,000 xp).

       Talos - tell him to kill his wife and her lover (20,000 xp + 200 gp).

Quest #2. Ti'Vael - Killed a man.

    Lathander - tell him to pay ransom (20,000 xp).

    Helm - tell him to go to authorities (20,000 xp).

    Talos - tell him to kill all witnesses, when he'll be back - kill him and take his head to the Inspector in Government District (20,000 xp + 500 gp).

Quest #3. Rania - Lost her faith.

    Lathander - give her time to think (20,000 xp).

    Helm - remind her about importance of her duty (20,000 xp).

    Talos - kill her.

Quest #4. Cortirso.

    Lathander - refuse the duel (20,000 xp).

    Helm - accept and kill him (20,000 xp).

    Talos - take Rania's head to Inspector and shift the blame on Cortirso. (30,000 xp).

4. The last quest is different for each temple:

    Lathander - Lara will tell you to kill Weathermistress Ada in the temple of Talos. (35,000 xp + 1000gp).

    Helm - Byron will tell you to defend temple of Lathander from Talos temple invasion. Persuade Lara not to kill Ada. (35,000 xp + 1000gp).

    Talos - Kill Dawnmaster Kreel. (35,000 xp + 2000gp).