Side Quest: A Favor for Wendy

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You'll receive this quest from Wendy in Eastwillow (Yoma River Valley).


Wendy (#1) will tell you that she hasn't heard from her brother Ruel in two weeks, and she'll ask you to check up on him. To encourage you, she'll give you 50 gp in advance.

Ruel's house is located to the east in the Southern Kessian Basin (#3). Inside, you'll discover Ruel's body on the floor and some bloody boot prints leading out the front door. Ruel will have A Letter from Wendy in his possession, and you'll need to pick up the letter and then show it to Wendy to prove to her that Ruel is dead. For completing the quest you'll earn 300 xp.

Note: There isn't any way to catch the killer, but if you loot the barrel behind Wendy's apartment (accessed via the back door of the covenant, #2), then you'll find Blood-Stained Boots there.

1 - Wendy's House

2 - The Virtuous Covenant of Mosan

3 - Ruel's House