Main Quest: The Mysterious Note

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You'll begin the game inside your house in the Yoma River Valley (#1). You'll find lots of chests and cabinet around, which you should loot. This will gain you a Simple Key (which will unlock one of the chests), Your Journal (which will explain why you're back to Level 1), some potions, a weapon / spell suitable for you, and a Water Skin. If you head into the back yard, then you'll also find a well, which you can click on to satisfy your thirst and fill the Water Skin.

When you leave your house, you'll discover a Strange Note in a bag outside your door. Reading the note will trigger this quest and also let you know that a man named Darus is waiting for you at the Wayfarer's Jolly in Eastwillow. To reach Eastwillow, you'll just need to follow the road heading northwest from your house. Along the way you'll encounter at least one Catacomb Rat, so make sure you have your weapon equipped.

Note: You won't need Your Journal or the Strange Note for anything, so after reading them, feel free to stash them in any convenient container.

Inside the Wayfarer's Jolly (#2), you'll find Darus staying in the back room. When you talk to him there, you'll learn that the Crux of Ages (which played an important role in Book I) is only one of four Crux stones, and that for some reason the Taurax are trying to collect them. Darus will then inform you that you are a member of the Crius Vindica, a group pledged to protect the Crux stones and prevent them from being reunited, and he'll ask you to rejoin its ranks. However, before he can say more, an assassin will kill him with a Soulpiercer arrow, and the quest will come to an end. For completing the quest, you'll earn 300 xp.

1 - Your Home

2 - The Wayfarer's Jolly