Nor'landers hail from the Northland Expanse, an arctic region of snow and ice. Nor'landers are of hearty build and are infamous for their ability to survive in conditions where most people would quickly succumb to death. As such, Nor'landers receive +2 Endurance and +1 Concentration.


Barreans hail from the vast Desolation of Barrea, far to the west. It is a region of desert and wasteland, where even a simple living requires a great deal of work. Barreans tend to be lean and swift, and can travel immense distances in a short amount of time. Barreans receive +2 Speed and +1 Strength.


Emayu hail from the far west continent of Wylderan, an ancient land that until the advent of ocean vessels had remained completely isolated from the rest of Eschalon. It's a region lost to time, where creatures long thought to have disappeared still roam its primeval forests. The Emayu are slender and tall, and are known to be very mystical and ritualistic. As such they receive +2 Perception and +1 Wisdom.


The Therish hail from rolling woodlands and plains of Thaermore. Although war has scattered most Therish to other regions of Eschalon, they remain an artistic and resourceful people. The Therish are well known for their cavalry and elite Commonwealth Guard, which protected the land until its fall in 728. Due to their resourceful attributes, Therish gain +2 Concentration and +1 Dexterity.


Kessians hail from the coastal province of Mistfell. The term Kessian originates from the Kessian Basin in southeast Mistfell, but it has come to represent anyone from the greater northeast region. Since Mistfell is nearly surrounded by coastal waters, Kessians are highly regarded as sailors and navigators, and are known to be expert tacticians in battle. They receive +2 Wisdom and +1 Intelligence.