Divination Spells
Tier 1 (Requires Divination 1 and Wisdom 15)
  • Bless: Bestows upon the caster a divine blessing, increasing the caster's tohit and maximum damage by +1 per casting level. The duration is 100 turns.

  • Cat's Eyes: Gives the caster cat-like vision in low light. While it can be used as the sole method of visual aid, its real power comes from how it enhances other light sources. Under the effects of Cat's Eyes, a common torch seems to produce almost as much light as the sun. The duration of the spell is 50 turns per casting level.

  • Create Food: Creates edible food within the caster's inventory. The higher the casting level, the better the quality of the food becomes.

  • Detox: Removes poisons from the bloodstream of the caster. The higher the casting level, the more powerful the detoxification effect is.

  • Divine Heal: Bathes the caster in divine light, binding his or her physical wounds. The spell heals 3-6 hit points for every casting level. It does not cure ailments or remove poisoning.

  • Entangle: Causes vines and tangle brush to rise from the ground, ensnaring the target. The spell lasts 4 turns per casting level. Large or very strong creatures might cut the spell's duration in half.

  • Fleshboil: A ranged spell that burns a single target with divine energy, causing blisters and lesions upon exposed flesh. The effect is 2-4 hit points of magick damage per casting level.

  • Leatherskin: Causes the skin of the caster to become thick and leathery, increasing the caster's armor rating and damage reduction by +5 points. The spell lasts 20 turns per casting level.

  • Lore: Identifies unknown objects. The effectiveness of the spell is determined by the casting level.

Tier 2 (Requires Divination 5 and Wisdom 20)
  • Charm: Charms a single creature, causing it to turn and fight any other creature attacking the caster. The duration of the charm is 60 turns. The charmed creature will not follow the caster around, but as long as the charm is active, it will attack any other creature nearby that is aggressive towards the caster. The casting level determines the level of creature that can be charmed.

  • Cure Ailments: Cures ailments, including diseases, broken bones, and insanity -- essentially, any injury or condition that cannot be corrected by restoring hit points. This spell does not return lost hit points, remove poisons from the bloodstream, or address hunger or thirst. The severity and number of ailments determines the casting level that the spell must be cast with in order for it to have a curing effect.

  • Enchanted Weapon: Temporarily enchants any weapon equipped by the caster, or the caster's hands themselves if he or she is unarmed. Enchanted weapons deliver a guaranteed additional 2 points of physical damage upon striking a target. As well, this enchantment makes common weapons effective against ethereal or supernatural creatures. The spell's duration is 10 turns per casting level.

  • Haste: Causes the caster to move with increased speed, allowing him or her to perform an extra action per turn. The duration of the spell is 4 turns per casting level.

  • Nimbleness: Temporarily increases the dexterity of the caster, improving any stat affected by dexterity including combat accuracy and base armor rating. The effect is +4 dexterity points per casting level. The duration is 160 turns.

  • Ogre Strength: Temporarily increases the strength of the caster, improving any stat affected by strength including damage and encumbrance. The effect is +4 strength points per casting level. The duration is 160 turns.

  • Protection from Curses: Surrounds the caster with a divine aura, which shields him or her from the effects of cursing. The duration of the spell is 10 turns per casting level.

  • Stoneskin: Causes the skin of the caster to become hard like stone, increasing his or her armor rating by +10 and damage reduction by +15. The duration of the spell is 15 turns per casting level.

  • Sunder Flesh: Causes the flesh of an enemy to rip apart, inflicting 8-12 points of physical damage per casting level.

  • Turn Undead: Causes an undead target, such as a zombie or a ghost, to be repulsed by the caster. The spell has a chance of failure depending upon how powerful the undead creature is. At higher casting levels, the spell can also distress the target to the point of causing it physical damage. If turned, the target will remain repulsed for 100 turns.

Tier 3 (Requires Divination 11 and Wisdom 25)
  • Dehex: Removes any curses or hexes that may be plaguing the caster.

  • Mystic Hammer: Causes a hammer of divine energy to crush one opponent with terrible fury, dealing 10-15 points of damage per casting level.

  • Mass Boil: Much like the spell Fleshboil, Massboil causes all living creatures in view (other than the caster) to be bathed in searing divine light, causing blisters and lesions. The damage inflicted is 5-7 hit points per casting level.

  • Summon Beast: Summons a single creature to follow the caster around, and assist him or her in battle. The creature cannot be healed and will fight until it dies. The summoned creature is bound to the area that it was summoned to. It will not follow the caster into other realms, regions, or dungeon levels. The casting level of the spell determines the type of entity that is summoned.