Image Name HP XP Special Locations
Black Mold 25 40 Shoots Farrock Caves, Greenriven Lake, Ironpool Dam (Lower Level), Mistfell Northern Coast, Northern Farrock Range, Port Kuudad Sewers, Southern Kessian Basin
Bonebiter 35 60 Inflicts Disease Hammerlorne Grand Hall, Hammerlorne Mine (Level 1), Ironpool Dam (Lower Level), Port Kuudad Sewers
Brimstone Spider 150 180 Shoots Brimstone Lava Fields, Ghar-Gha River, Hallows of Abigor, Talushorn (Level 2)
Catacomb Rat 9 10 Ironpool Dam (Lower Level), Port Kuudad Sewers, The Convent's Well, Yoma River Valley
Crimson Dragonel 17 25 Greenriven Lake, Southern Kessian Basin, Yoma River Valley
Cursed Undead 150 200 Curses Cape Sorrow, Lost Westwillow
Devilmander 100 220 Poisons Eastern Fellpine Forest, Hammerlorne Mine (Level 3), Raven's Gate (East Entrance), The Guild of Crius Vindica
Drowned Corpse 110 150 Lost Westwillow
Dwarven Miner 170 180 Drops Gold Hammerlorne Grand Hall, Hammerlorne Mine (Level 3)
Dwarven Spirit 80 120 Curses Hammerlorne Mine (Level 2), Ironpool Dam (Lower Level)
Goliath Borehead 130 300 Paralyzes Broken Blade, Eastern Fellpine Forest, Fellpine Forest, Mistfell Northern Coast
Harpy, Rift Harpy 110 400 Screeches Eastern Sylphwood Forest, Fathamurk (Level 1), Hallows of Abigor, Northern Harpoon Bay
Lava Slag 135 400 Explodes Fathamurk (Levels 1 & 3)
Mire Troll 120 250 Regenerates Mistfell Northern Coast, The Forsaken Coast
Mutated Assassin Stalk 240 185 Shoots Fathamurk (Levels 2 & 3)
Outlander 30 50 Drops Random Loot Farrock Caves, Greenriven Lake, Northern Farrock Range, Northwest Kessian Basin, Southern Kessian Basin, Western Kessian Basin
Phase Hunter 50 125 Poisons Farrock Caves, Fathamurk (Level 2), Hammerlorne Mine (Level 1)
Pyrus Dragonel 60 100 Talushorn (Level 3)
Red Wolf 45 100 Central Farrock Range, Eastern Fellpine Forest, Hammerlorne Mountain, Northwest Kessian Basin, Wolfenwood, Yoma River Headwater
Scarlet Death 150 180 Paralyzes Fathamurk (Levels 2 & 3)
Sentinel Stalk 215 125 Shoots Central Farrock Range, Hammerlorne Mine (Level 1), Northwest Kessian Basin
Shadow Assassin 70 250 Shoots Port Kuudad Sewers, Thieves' Arcadia
Skeleton Archer 80 100 Shoots Hammerlorne Mine (Level 2), Ironpool Dam (Lower Level), Lost Westwillow
Skeleton Marauder 100 125 Hammerlorne Mine (Level 2), Lost Westwillow, Port Kuudad
Snow Wolf 80 160 Northeastern Hellice Lake, Northern Hellice Lake, Western Hellice Lake
Taurax Legionnaire 250 450 Ghar-Gha River, Southern Thundersun Grazelands, Talushorn (All Levels), Talushorn Exterior, Thundersun Grazelands
Taurax Scout 200 350 Eastern Sylphwood Forest, Ghar-Gha River, Southern Thundersun Grazelands, Talushorn (Inner Sanctum, Levels 2 & 3), Thundersun Grazelands
Taurax Spearmaster 230 375 Shoots Ghar-Gha River, Southern Thundersun Grazelands, Talushorn (Levels 2-4), Talushorn Exterior, Thundersun Grazelands