Side Quest: Adamantium Ore Else

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You'll receive this quest from Ara at the Hunter's Outfitter in Everdale (Central Farrock Range).


Ara (#1) will tell you that when she was exploring the Farrock Caves recently, she found some Adamantium Ore -- only some spiders attacked her soon afterwards, and she dropped the ore as she made her escape. She'll then ask you to retrieve the ore for her.

You'll find the Adamantium Ore on the eastern side of the caves (#2). You'll encounter some Phase Hunters on your way to it, but you should be able to take them on one at a time and defeat them relatively easily. After picking up the ore, when you deliver it to Ara, she'll reward you with 200 gp and 750 xp.

1 - The Hunter's Outfitter

2 - Adamantium Ore

Local Exits
  1. Entrance to the Farrock Caves.