Side Quest: Secrets of the Deep

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You'll receive this quest from Minus in his house at Greenriven Lake.


When you ask Minus (#1) about Greenriven Lake, he'll tell you about the lost mining city of Westwillow, where people used to "pull gold nuggets the size of walnuts out of the river." Minus will claim that the city is located below Greenriven Lake, and that the inhabitants are now undead. If you tell Minus that you'd like to know more, then he'll encourage you to meet with Brudo at Ironpool Dam, and he'll tell you the blessing "Mahul-Zarim-Gamil" that Brudo will need to hear before he'll talk about cursed subject matters.

You'll find Ironpool Dam located nearby to the east (Exit A). Inside, if you invite Brudo (#2) to chat and ask him about Ironpool Dam, then you'll get the dialogue option to say "Mahul-Zarim-Gamil." Doing so will complete the quest and earn you 300 xp, and also cause Brudo to open the gate (#3) leading to the Lower Level of the dam (Exit B).

1 - Minus' House

2 - Brudo

3 - Gate

Local Exits
  1. Entrance to Ironpool Dam.
  2. Stairs down to the Lower Level.