Side Quest: In the Belly of a Beetle

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You'll receive this quest from the Hunter at the Fletcher's Grove in Wolfenwood.


The Hunter (#1) will tell you that she was planning on making a special bow out of a petrified tree in the Fellpine Forest -- only a Goliath Borehead ate it! She'll then ask you to hunt for the borehead and retrieve some of the Petrified Wood from its stomach. In the Fellpine Forest, you'll encounter three Goliath Boreheads, usually near the hole in the center of the region (#2). One of the boreheads will drop the Petrified Wood, and when you deliver it to the Hunter, she'll reward you with 1000 xp and the unique bow Warmoth.

1 - Fletcher's Grove

2 - Goliath Boreheads