Main Quest: Destroy the Crux, Part 2: Talushorn

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For this quest, you'll just need to travel from Picaroon Isle to Talushorn. The trip will take you through the Amireth Grazelands, where you'll face off against Taurax Scouts, Taurax Spearmasters, and Taurax Legionnaires. The battles can be tough, but luckily you'll only have to face the Taurax soldiers one or two at a time. If you have trouble with them, then try exploring the region at night while using the Cat's Eyes and Predator Sight spells. If the Taurax soldiers can't see you in the dark, then their tohit rating will drop by at least 20%.

You'll find Talushorn located in the southeastern part of the grazelands, in a map region also called Talushorn. When you enter the fortress (Exit A), you'll complete the quest and earn 5000 xp.

Local Exits
  1. Entrance to Talushorn.