Side Quest: A Weed in the Bath House

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You'll receive this quest from Travet at the Wolf's Den in Everdale (Central Farrock Range).


Travet (#1) will tell you that he'd like to transform the ruin to the east into a bath house -- except that a Sentinel Stalk has taken up residence there, preventing him from making any restorations. He'll then ask you to destroy the "demon plant," and he'll offer you free baths for a year (plus more traditional rewards) if you help him out.

You'll find the ruin and the Sentinel Stalk directly east from Everdale (#2). Sentinel Stalks have over 200 hit points, and they have a good ToHit rating, so make sure you can deal some damage and heal some damage before you take it on. You'll earn 125 xp for defeating the Sentinel Stalk, and then when you return to Travet, you'll receive an additional 75 gp and 350 xp. However, the ruin won't ever turn into a bath house. You'll have to wait until Book III (if ever) to get your free baths.