Side Quest: News from Yoma Narrows

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You'll receive this quest from Phensil in Yoma Narrows.


Phensil (#1) will tell you that a Taurax Scout attacked him while he was making his way from Edon to Eastwillow, and that he had to blow up the bridge in the area to save himself. But his leg was damaged in the blast, preventing him from traveling, and so he'll ask you to go to the "authorities" in Port Kuudad and warn them about how far north the Taurax have come.

Port Kuudad is located a ways to the northeast, past Everdale. Inside the city, you'll need to talk to Edwin at the Office of Security and Authoritative Business. When you tell him the news, you'll earn 500 xp.

1 - Phensil

2 - Office of Security and Authoritative Business