Main Quest: The Crux of Fire: Procure the Crux

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For this quest you'll need to make your way through the Hammerlorne Grand Hall and then descend to Level 3 of the Hammerlorne Mine. Along the way you'll encounter lots of creatures, including Dwarven Miners, Dwarven Spirits, and Devilmanders, but you'll also find several treasure chests, which will make the trip more than worthwhile. See the Hammerlorne Grand Hall and the Hammerlorne Mine sections for more information about those locations.

When you pick up the Crux of Fire (#1), you'll complete the quest and earn 7000 xp. A war horn will then sound as you make your way out of the mine, and four Dwarven Miners will spawn nearby and attempt to stop you from leaving, but no other Dwarves will notice the theft. So you won't have to worry about being attacked elsewhere, and you'll still be able to go shopping in Durnore.

1 - Crux of Fire