Side Quest: Spiders in the Warehouse

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You'll receive this quest from Edwin at the Office of Authoritative Business in Port Kuudad.


When you ask Edwin (#1) if he knows of any jobs, he'll tell you about a warehouse near the docks that has been overrun by Phase Hunters, and he'll ask you to clear it out. The warehouse (#2) is a little unusual. The entrance gate will close behind you when you go in, and none of the exits will open up until after you've defeated all of the Phase Hunters. That means you'll have to defeat ten Phase Hunters without camping.

Strategies for defeating the Phase Hunters depend on your character. If you're playing a melee character, then just stand in a doorway and let the hunters come at you one at a time -- and remember to have a Detox Serum just in case. If you're playing a ranged character, then try to lure the hunters to you one at a time (this won't work in the first room, but it should work for the other two rooms). Then after each battle, idle in the warehouse to regain your mana or reset your weapon feat, and attack again. You might also want to attack the Phase Hunters at night, since they can't see in the dark.

Once you've defeated the Phase Hunters, approaching any of the exits should cause them to open. Then when you return to Edwin, he'll reward you with 400 gp and 1000 xp.

1 - Office of Authoritative Business

2 - Infested Warehouse