Main Quest: The Crux of Fire: A Meeting with Sparrow

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When you talk to Korren in the Guild of Crius Vindica (#1), he'll tell you that if the four crux stones were ever united, then they would form a "device of unimaginable power," which must never happen. To that end, he'll inform you that the time has come for the "terminal contingency." Since the Taurax are too powerful and might already be in possession of two of the stones, the only way left to prevent them from gaining all four is to destroy one of the stones.

Korren will then suggest that you go after the Crux of Fire, which is located in Hammerlorne Mine in Nor'Land. He'll add that a guild operative named Sparrow has the key to the mine, and that you should meet with her in Broken Blade. You'll just need to give her the code word "Silverhawk." However, when you talk to Sparrow (#2), she'll turn out to be another disciple of the One, and she'll attack you. You'll earn 400 xp for killing her, and you'll find the Hammerlorne Key on her corpse. You'll also earn 1000 xp for completing the quest.

Note: Sort of annoyingly, killing Sparrow will cause you to fail the True Healer challenge. If you want to avoid this, then you can just head to Hammerlorne Mine without talking to Sparrow, and use other means (such as picking the lock) to get inside. Following this route will cost you all of the The Crux of Fire main quests, and you won't receive another main quest until you return to Korren after obtaining the Crux of Fire.

1 - Common Hall

2 - Sparrow's House