Side Quest: Arachnophobia

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You'll receive this quest from Mohal on Picaroon Isle.


Mohal (#1) will tell you that he likes to collect ore from the lava fields to the east, but that Brimstone Spiders have moved into the area and are preventing him from going there. He'll then ask you to destroy their nest.

You'll find the spider nest in the Brimstone Lava Fields to the east (#2). You'll have to cross some lava and fight some Brimstone Spiders to get to it, so make sure your resistance to elements is reasonable. Also, when you cross the lava, be sure to take off your boots and leggings; they'll take damage even if you don't.

The spider nest is basically the same as the dragonel nest from the quest A Den of Dragonels, except that it won't produce spiders, and you should be able to destroy it much more easily (which is good, because you won't find any Powder Kegs nearby). Just be careful; the nest will explode when you finish it off, so it's best to do that with a ranged attack.

When you return to Mohal after destroying the nest, he'll reward you with 1000 gp and 1500 xp.

1 - Mohal

2 - Spider Nest