Side Quest: Repossession

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You'll receive this quest from Keebo in Eastwillow (Yoma River Valley) when you ask him if he has any work available.


Keebo (#1) will tell you that he crafted Jewel-Encrusted Ornamental Sword for Brelinda, so that she could give it to Constable Gammen for his birthday. However, almost a year later she still hasn't paid Keebo for his work, and so he'll ask you to retrieve the sword for him.

You'll find Brelinda in the Eastwillow Management building (#2). She'll claim that Keebo missed his deadline for the delivery of the sword, and since he breached their contract, she's not obligated to pay him. If you agree with Brelinda, then you can abandon the quest and earn 50 xp. If you disagree, then when you tell Brelinda so, she'll reveal that Gammen probably keeps the sword in his house.

Before leaving the Management building, you might want to do a bit of exploring. If you open the cabinet farthest from the door, then you'll discover a lever inside, and when you pull it, you'll open a vault. Inside the vault you'll find the Eastwillow Town Ledger, which will indicate that Gammen has been embezzling town funds. Brelinda won't like you pulling the lever or entering the vault, so you'll probably have to kill her if you want to take the ledger.

At Gammen's house (#3), you'll have a few options for claiming the sword. You can blackmail Gammen using the Eastwillow Town Ledger, you can threaten him, you can offer him 60-80 gp, you can kill him (worth 100 xp and 80 gp), or you can sneak past him. Regardless, you'll find the Jewel-Encrusted Ornamental Sword hanging on the wall in Gammen's bedroom

Note: It's easier to enter Gammen's house via the unlocked back door rather than the locked front door.

When you eventually deliver the Jewel-Encrusted Ornamental Sword to Keebo (#1), he'll reward you with 100 gp and 150 xp.

1 - Keebo's Smithing

2 - Eastwillow Management

3 - Gammen's House