Side Quest: The Curse of the Prospector

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You'll receive this quest from Mayor Theotus in Lost Westwillow.


Theotus (#1) will explain to you that the people of Westwillow are angry about what happened to them and their city, and that their rage prevents them from dying properly. He'll add that a spirit called the Prospector incites this rage for some unknown reason, and that if he were to be killed, then perhaps the residents would finally pass on to the afterlife.

You'll find the Prospector to the south (#2). He's a complicated enemy. His magic resistance is high enough that you might have trouble damaging him with spells, and regular weapons won't harm him at all. You'll need a weapon that does bonus damage or bonus magick damage to have a chance (for some reason fire, freeze and poison damage won't work). The Prospector will also summon Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Marauders to help him out, so it's easy to get overwhelmed. If you have problems, just run away back towards Theotus, camp for a while, and then try again. The Prospector won't regenerate his hit points, so as long as you can make some progress during each skirmish, eventually you'll defeat him.

Note: If you find yourself in need of a magickal weapon, you can find Wraithbiter in the chest to the east (#5).

When the Prospector dies, he'll drop a Spooky Key, and you'll earn 500 xp. The key will unlock two buildings nearby (#3 and #4), where you'll find a nice amount of gp and also the Cerulescent Bell. Then when you return to Theotus, you'll receive an additional 2000 xp.

1 - Mayor Theotus

2 - The Prospector

3 - Treasure Room

4 - Ladder Room

5 - Chest