Vysehrad Castle
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Just outside Vysehrad Castle's gates, you'll witness one of the townsfolk waving a torch and declaring war with the vampires. Once the cinematics have ended, head on inside, where it will become very obvious that the castle is under attack. Large pillars have toppled, rubble lies strewn about, fires rage uncontrollably, and monsters are abundant.

Throughout the castle, you'll face plenty of Tzimisce, Szlatchta, Ghoul Rats, War Ghouls, Premysl Revenants, and Wolves. None of these creatures are all that difficult alone, but in groups they can be deadly. If you are confronted with more than one War Ghoul at once, chances are that they will try to "skewer" a member continually (one after the other) to keep that party member from being able to do anything.

Move slowly and the first floor will go by without much of a hitch. It's not until you reach the Vozhd on the second floor that things might turn ugly. The Vozhd should be the most difficult non-boss creature you've confronted yet. This thing will attempt to pick up one of your party members and bite them for *massive* damage. The best strategy I have come up with for Vozhd is to make use of their slow movement rate. Keep Celerity up and fight them from a distance. Using disciplines like Call Lightning (if you have it) over and over will take the Vozhd down without even having to enter melee with it. Granted, it uses a lot of blood, but it's better than losing most of your party.

You may even want to Walk the Abyss before dealing with the Vozhd, but you definitely should afterwards. This is the final encounter you will have before awaking in London 800 years later. Therefore, you'll want to place any items you want to keep in your vault. Only items located in Christof's inventory and your haven's vault will be obtainable once you awaken.

Once you've finished with the Vozhd and have stashed any items you want to keep, continue into the final room of Vysehrad Castle to view a fairly long cinematic involving Libussa (the vampire attempting to raise Vukodlak) and Anezka. At the end of the cinematic, a large pillar will crash down on Christof and the game will jump 800 years to your awakening in London.