Return to Temple of Set
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On your return to the temple, you'll be approached by a Setite who will bring you down to speak with Lucretia (after all, you have her heart, they better be courteous). Lucretia will demand her heart back, but Christof will first ask about the cargo shipments and for Lucretia to free Lily of her control. Lucretia will reveal that the next shipment leaves on the ship called the Magdalena and agrees to releasing Lily of her bondage. Once Lily acknowledges that she is no longer a servant to Lucretia, Christof will hold up his end of the bargain by returning the heart (even though Pink will object).

As soon as you toss her heart to one of her Setite followers, Lucretia will transform into a Giant Cobra and attack. The cobra is very fast and can use disciplines, so you're in for a fairly difficult fight. Use the same basic strategies as you used against her before (such as cycling characters if one is Awed) and you'll eventually bring her down.

At this point, to kill Lucretia once and for all, you'll have to make a choice as to what to do with her heart. You can either destroy it, or drain its blood for its power. Draining its blood will reduce your humanity by ten points and will not offer you any advantages over simply destroying it. Both methods will grant you the use of the Serpentis discipline, which is very nice indeed. No matter which you chose, you must make haste to the docks to board the Magdalena and journey to New York.