Silver Mines
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Just outside of Prague, you can speak with a couple of more Knights of St. John. They will tell you that the doors to Prague will be locked at nightfall, so if you need to enter, you'll have to do so during daytime hours. Head down the path, where you'll see some overturned ore carts. Just beyond them is the entrance into the mines.

The mines are pretty straight forward. You will encounter various Szlachta, as well as some Ghoul Rats once you hit the second level. Be sure to pick up any healing elixirs, vials of holy water, or any other trinkets you find along the way to maximize your effectiveness during your journey throughout the mines. The holy water will be especially valuable when you reach the end of the mines.

About midway through the second level, you'll come to an area where a river of water stands in your way and you cannot continue on. Switch the lever on the nearby machine and the water will subside, revealing a small path across. Be very careful, however, as just beyond the river is a War Ghoul, which will prove to be a fairly powerful adversary at this point. Try to avoid his hefty swings, especially his skewer-like attack, as they are quite powerful and can take Christof down in a couple of solid hits.

The final level of the Silver Mines is home to a vampire named Ahzra, the source of evil you have sought out. Although she is a vampire, she rarely (if ever) uses disciplines, which makes her much easier to battle. Use a couple vials of holy water on her and then finish her off with your blade. Once you've bested her, you'll be able to allocate your experience points into Christof's stats. I recommend spending points on his strength and manipulation at this point, as it will ensure that he'll be able to use some of the more powerful weapons and get a better price in the various shops.

Before leaving the mines, grab Ahzra's exquisite dagger and the gold near her throne. When you head back up the path leading to her lair, you'll discover an Amulet of St. Jude, which Christof will presume to be a sign of good fortune.