Tower of London
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The Tower of London can be found behind your London haven. The interior will remind you of some of the previous areas you've been to in medieval times. Its brick construction looks a lot like the Teutonic Base back in Vienna and the storm outside the various windows sheds an eerie glow on the walls. As you ascend through the tower, you will be faced with various opponents, such as large Ghoul Spiders, small Ghoul Spiders, and Wraiths. Wraiths should definitely be your biggest fear, but Ghoul Spiders can be deadly as well if you are attacked by a large group. To avoid attracting too many creatures at one time, be sure to move slowly and only control one character.

The first three levels should give your characters plenty of experience and treasure. Be sure to open every chest, because some of the weapons (such as Incinerators) are worth quite a bit of money, even if you don't want to use them. Once you hit the fourth floor, you'll enter the room that contains Lucretia's heart. Here, you'll have to dispatch of a few Vipers before you can take Lucretia's heart and leave the tower.

Before returning to the Temple of Set, pay a visit to your haven. At this point, you may or may not encounter a werewolf, which will prove to be quite the formidable opponent. The werewolf has no armor at all, but it has a *lot* of stamina, and has a nasty habit of regenerating at a very quick pace. Additionally, the creature's Celerity is fairly advanced and it doesn't hesitate to use it whenever possible. To defeat the creature, I suggest using the Argent Baton; it is as effective against lupines as the Bone of an Elder Tzimisce is against vampires. The most important tip is to make sure you are continually damaging it due to its regeneration. At this point, regardless of whether or not you've faced the werewolf, you'll want to head back to the Temple of Set holding Lucretia's heart hostage.