Defeat the Golem
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After visiting with Ecaterina, feel free to rest in your Haven again (to allocate experience) and visit both the blacksmith and gypsy. After that, head to the Northern Quarter of the city to find the Golem. Just before reaching the Golem, you will encounter the Rabbi's son, Mendel, who will tell you how to defeat the Golem (which boils down to just hacking and slashing). Rest and save, then head into the large open area where the Golem will show itself. Your biggest advantage for this battle is to use the discipline Celerity, which will allow you to attack virtually repeatedly and to run away when Maqqabah starts getting the best of you. It's a tough fight, but can be done. Once you've bested the Golem, grab the Shem he drops and speak with Mendel again. He will grant you permission to give the Shem to Garinol.

Garinol can be found back in Petrin Hill at the Monastery, just outside the front door. He will accept the Shem, thank you for your efforts in defeating Mercurio and the Golem, and then offer Serena to aid your cause. Feel free to visit the blacksmith and gypsy to equip her with the basics, as well as your Haven if you need to, then head back to Ecaterina. In order to investigate the disappearances of both mortals and vampires, Ecaterina has arranged a meeting with Prince Brandl in Prague's castle.

The Prince will agree to provide information about the disappearances on the condition that you bring him an ancient Reliquary. Unfortunately, the building it is kept in is warded by protective magics, so you must enter underneath, through some tunnels in the cemetary (Note: the cemetary can be found through a door in the area you defeated the Golem in). Of course, entering the tunnels isn't as easy as it sounds either, due to the fact that a Nosferatu named Josef is guarding them. He will ask for you to bring him the blood of an Elder female vampire in order to enter the tunnels. Ecaterina is the perfect candidate for this request, so head back to the University to obtain the blood, then return to Josef. After he drinks it down, you're free to enter the tunnels.