Josef's Tunnels
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Josef's Tunnels are overrun with Nosferatu, Ghoul Rats, and other baddies. The Nosferatu can be tricky to do battle with, as they like to go invisible from time to time. However, with both Wilhelm and Serena at your disposal, you shouldn't have too many problems hacking your way through. Be sure to loot any coffins or other chests you find, which will keep you stocked up on scrolls such as Walk the Abyss.

On the second level of the tunnels, you will run into a Nosferatu named Othelios. Due to the fact that he wields the Evil Axe and is flanked by a couple of Nosferatu, you're in for a pretty serious battle. Celerity comes in handy here once again (it's pretty much a given for any tough fight), but be sure to use any other disciplines you have to get the job done.

Just beyond Othelios is a door to a strange area, which turns out to be some kind of maze. The object is to continue entering different doors until you reach the next plaque on the wall (which tell the story of Caine). The plaques will give you clues as to which door you want to enter next, but simply following the process of elimination will get you through the maze if you're not sure which to enter. The last door will bring you to the final level of the tunnels.

The final level isn't too harsh. Take out any opposition you meet and eventually you'll reach a hallway with a row of sarcophagi. Just beyond this hallway lies the tomb of King Vaclav, which will the grounds for your next serious battle. Heal up, save, or even rest at your haven (via a Walk the Abyss scroll), and then enter the room. You will enter a brief dialogue with Vaclav and then a fight will ensue. Take him out, then head through the door in the corner of the room to find the Reliquary, as well as some other loot. Bring the Reliquary back to Prince Brandl and he will confide what knowledge he knows about the disappearances. He will even grant you permission to enter the Ardan's Chantry to find out more about them.