Orsi's Factory
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The idea behind the factory is to climb your way to the top floor by passing through each floor and then taking its stairs to the next level. The entire factory is overrun with several baddies for you to face, including Ventrue, Tzimisce, Szlachta, and War Ghouls. Luckily, at this point in the game, none of these should pose much of a problem. War Ghouls can still be tricky if you get 2-3 of them skewering you, but the Ventrue and Tzimisce are of average difficulty, and the Szlachta are pushovers. There aren't really any interesting encounters or puzzles to speak of as you make your way through the factory, so you should make it through fairly quickly.

Once you reach the top floor, you'll find Orsi in his office. As usual, you'll enter dialogue and Orsi will recall dealing with you back in the Dark Ages. He will proclaim Vukodlak's victory and attack your party with his pistol and disciplines. His pistol is virtually worthless against you, but he can cause some damage with his disciplines. No matter, simply entering melee with all four of your coterie members should bring him down. You won't actually see him die, however, because a cinematic sequence will begin, showing Christof throwing him through the top floor window to the molten slag below.

After this interesting demise to your old nemesis, your party will take the elevator back down to the lower level where you will meet up with Orsi's daughters (you remember, the same ones that invited you to Orsi's party 800 years ago). You can threaten them, which will force them into telling you that Vukodlak is in the Cathedral of Flesh not far away. As soon as you leave the building, however, the clock will strike midnight and a cinematic sequence will show Vukodlak rising from his many century sleep.