Cathedral of Flesh
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Anticipation is beginning to build and Vukodlak is close at hand. Leave Orsi's Factory and lead your party members down the road a bit, where you'll see the Cathedral of Flesh on your right. Head to the back of the building and in through the door.

The cathedral is definitely one of the eeriest areas in the game. Moments after entering it, you'll find yourself in a large hall that branches off to the inner depths. As soon as you step from the main hall, combat will begin. Attempting to stop your progress through the cathedral are Tzimisce, War Ghouls, Demonhounds, Szlachta, and two enormous Vozhd. You'll encounter a Vozhd on each of the first two floors, and these will probably be your toughest matches (other than Vukodlak), but if you keep your distance from them and inflict damage via ranged weapons or disciplines, you should be fine.

The entire cathedral is full of treasure, so if you're in need of more cash for weaponry and ammo, you should get enough here. On the second floor, after you've bested the Vozhd, make sure to save the game and even Walk the Abyss. You're going to be facing Vukodlak down the next hallway, so you'll want to be ready.

When you continue on, you'll enter a room with the newly arisen Vukodlak and his ghoul, your beloved Anezka. Vukodlak will try and convince you that you have no chance of defeating him and will even offer you a chance to join him if your Humanity is low enough. If you choose this route, the game will simply end with the world falling into darkness. If your Humanity is low enough for the choice to join him, you'll also have the choice to rip out Vukodlak's heart and devour his power, causing the game to end with you embracing Anezka into vampirism. Neither of these are the most liberating choice, so I highly recommend continuing with your determination to defeat him. This will result in a battle against Vukodlak, which will be the most difficult you've had up until now. Vukodlak has several powerful disciplines, including Call Lightning, and these are trained to the fourth or fifth level. Not good. Use every resource you have to take him down. A rocket launcher and plenty of ammo will inflict the kind of damage you need to take him down fast and efficiently.

Once you've lowered Vukodlak's health to a certain level, he will become annoyed at the battle and open a pit underneath your party's feet, dropping you to the third level of the cathedral. From here, wade your way through plenty of Demonhounds, Szlachta, and War Ghouls until you reach a hallway filled with manifestations of Anezka on the walls. Talk with each of the manifestations to learn of Anezka's trials over the years and the awful things Vukodlak has put her through. Once you've listened to them all, a door will open to another room with Vukodlak's servant, Libussa. She will claim that she wants to help you and, if you accept, open a door to some stairs back up to the top floor of the cathedral. Take these stairs and prepare yourself for the final battle.

Just around the corner from the stairs you just ascended is the main hall, where Vukodlak now stands. He will become upset that you made it through the depths of the cathedral and proclaim the power of the Voivode by transforming himself into Zulo, a gigantic winged demon. There are no real *good* ways of defeating his Zulo form, as it is extremely powerful. The only methods that I can recommend are to keep using Prison of Ice (if you have it) and to fire rockets from a distance. If you get in melee range with the demon, it will crush you in its powerful jaws and have you dead in seconds. Take your time and try various strategies and eventually you will defeat him, ending Vukodlak's chance to plunge the world into darkness.

I'm not going to discuss the cinematics that follow, that is for you to view when you finish the game. I will say that I was quite pleased with the way things turn out and can honestly say Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption is one of the best games I've ever played. Congratulations on making it through!