Beginning (Vienna)
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Getting to Vienna is as simple as leaving Prague via the appropriate gate. Your new haven will be the first building on your right, which is an old dilapitated church. To make use of it, you have to flip a switch inside to reveal a staircase down into its depths. Go ahead and rest to allocate any experience points to your four party members. Keep in mind to continue raising one of your character's Manipulation scores. With a high Manipulation, you will be able to afford better weapons and armor and if you progress above a score of 90, you can even buy equipment from a merchant and sell it back for more than you paid for it. Once you've rested, continue on into the outer courtyard to do some exploring.

Within Outer Stradt are several Teutonic Guards. Avoid doing any bloodsucking while you are in Vienna, or you'll find yourself toe-to-toe with these heavily armored opponents. Make your way around the courtyard to become familiar with the five separate exits, as well a blacksmith. If you're in need of another gypsy, then you'll need to speak with Orvus, whose shop can be found through the Eastern Ringstrasse exit. While you're on the east side, make sure you also visit the Green Frog Inn. Here, you'll be invited to a party at Count Orsi's estate by a group of vampiric women.

Now that you're invited, head back to Outer Stradt and out the west exit (Count Orsi's Courtyard), where you will find the estate. Inside, you'll once again run into the three women that invited you and will be greeted by the host himself, Orsi. Orsi will bring you to his private chambers, where he will ask you to find a man named Luther Black in exchange for information. Once you agree, Orsi will provide you with some handcuffs that will bind Luther and keep him restrained for capture.

Head back out to Outer Stradt, then through the large doors into the inner area. Here you'll want to find the only house you can actually enter. Once inside, climb the stairs and leave through the window, onto the rooftop. Continue following the rooftop for some time, until you come to the face of a large clock. If you look carefully, there is a door within the clock itself that will grant you access to the inside of the building.