Prague At Night
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Upon your return to Prague, you will be considered a hero. Head back to the Convent and speak with Anezka, and then to Archbishop Geza. The good Bishop notices your affection for Anezka and will scold you and then order you to guard the city the following night. Once you leave the Convent, you're bound to run into a few baddies. First of all, hit the inn for another healing elixir, and then head towards the blacksmith. You will probably encounter a Szlachta or two, but they should be even easier than they were in the mines, as you are now better equipped and have allocated some experience. Once you're at the smithy, sell any equipment you don't need and use the money to upgrade your weapon, shield, or armor, depending on how much you have to spend. If you added experience to your manipulation skill back in the Silver Mines, you will enjoy better prices on the new equipment than you would have had at the beginning of the game.

If you have more money to spend, make a trip to Unorna the gypsy, otherwise head back towards the convent. Just past the inn, you'll encounter some Premysl Revenants who want nothing more than to avenge Ahzra's death. Once you've killed them, you'll hear Anezka scream from within the convent. Head inside and save her once again, this time from a couple more Premysl Revenants and a Szlachta.

Afterwards, Anezka will thank you and Christof will attempt to confess his love for her. Not knowing how to tell her, he instead runs from the convent, and continues defending the city. During the night, you will be "embraced" (the term used for becoming a vampire) by a Brujah named Ecaterina the Wise, thus ending Christof's time as a human. You'll then awaken upon a stone slab within Prague's University.

The realization that he is a vampire does not bode well for Christof, but Ecaterina assures him that other clans would have killed him if she hadn't embraced him. She will then introduce you to Wilhelm, who is to accompany you in recovering a Nod fragment from the Monastery on Petrin Hill, near Golden Lane.