The Sewers
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The New York sewers are one of the easier areas of the game. You should now have four party members equipped with high-tech weaponry and plenty of disciplines. You'll be facing Ghoul Rats, small Ghoul Spiders, large Ghoul Spiders, and Nosferatu for the most part, which is nothing new to you at this point. It won't be until the final areas of the sewers that you encounter adversaries that will give you any trouble.

As you make your way through the filthy tunnels, you'll be running into a few power switches along the way. These switches control the electrical traps that you'll encounter from time to time, so you'll want to click on each switch as you meet it. If you don't, you can still get past the trapped areas, but you'll take some pretty heavy electrical damage.

Eventually, you'll come to a room that is filled with water and sewage, with a skiff waiting to take you to the other side. You'll probably want to save or even Walk the Abyss at this point, as you're going to have some tougher battles once you ride the skiff. Once you're ready, watch the cinematic as you float across the water and then enter battle with the four Ghoul Alligators awaiting you. These guys are very tough, unless you can manage to fight one at a time. Just be sure not to move a whole lot after you get off the skiff to avoid pulling all of them at once. After you've killed them, continue down the tunnel to the final area.

Not far from your encounter with the alligators, you'll run into the head Nosferatu of the sewers, the Underprince. As soon as combat begins, the Underprince will go invisible (which is very annoying) and a wave of Sewer Rats will attack your party. Finish the Sewer Rats, and eventually the Underprince will pop back into visibility for you to maul him. Once he's dead, continue down the tunnel a bit further to find the FBI's communication box. Place the uplink transponder that Dev/Null gave you and then take the elevator back up to uptown New York (keep in mind, you'll have to take the cab back to downtown New York to get the codes from Dev/Null).