Streets of London
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Even though Christof is now in modern times, London is quite foreboding. When you first head out onto the dark streets, you'll encounter a thief who will attempt to rob Christof. Instead, Christof will threaten him and steal his clothes, giving you quite the makeover. Once you're more fitting for the century, have a look around. East London houses the curio shop (which is just like the gypsies of medieval times), as well as a club where you can meet up with another Brujah named Pink. Speak with Pink and he will bring you up to speed with the modern day vampires and then he'll offer to join you.

If you're looking for yet another coterie member, head to West London, where you'll find a Brothel. Just inside, you'll meet a woman named Lily who will tell you that she no longer wants to be a servant of Lucretia in the Setite Temple. Before heading off to deal with Lucretia, walk back out to West London where you can also find a weapons/armor dealer named Otto in a van. Equip your three party members with what you can afford and then head to your haven (just next door) to allocate any experience.

Once you're stocked up on equipment and can no longer increase any of your abilities, go back to the Brothel and move to one of the back storage rooms. If you sift through the junk, you'll eventually find a hidden switch. Click on it, revealing a hidden doorway down into the depths of the Setite Temple.