Ardan's Chantry
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The Apothecary in Golden Lane is a front for Ardan's Chantry. Head inside and you'll find a stairway leading down into its depths. The Chantry is filled with Tremere Neonates, Apprentices, and Regents, as well as Elementals and Hoppers. The Tremere are very tough, due to the fact that they have several disciplines at their disposal. Prison of Ice is probably the most devastating, as it will injure a character and keep them from moving whatsoever. Add to this a seemingly infinite amount of fireballs and you're in for some pretty difficult battles. Basically, kill them as quickly as you can to avoid being subjected to too many disciplines at once.

As you make your way through the Chantry, you will come upon glyphs etched into the floor with a small flame in their center. If you walk on top of any of the glyphs, either an Elemental, Hopper, or Blood Stone will appear. Be cautious before you step on them, as the Elementals have a very strong melee attack. Additionally, use caution when passing some of the decorations that adorn the walls. Many of them are trapped and will shoot fireballs at your party when you run past.

Continue on through the first couple of levels, once again being sure to grab any treasures (you will even find a Tome to learn a new discipline down here). When you reach the third level, you'll encounter your first Gargoyle, after which you'll meet a Gangrel named Erik. Erik is strapped down and is currently undergoing the Tremere's process of gargoyle transformation. Release him and he will become the fourth member of your party.

A little further in, you'll encounter the man of the Chantry, Ardan. He's not very happy to see you, but will give you some information about Anezka and the other disappearances that have plagued Prague. After spilling what he knows, a fight is inevitable, but it shouldn't be all that tough. With four members now in your party, simply meleeing with all of them should take Ardan down in no time. If you have any trouble with this battle, use a Walk the Abyss scroll to go back to town and buy Erik a weapon. With his brute strength, a halfway decent weapon will turn the tide of the battle considerably. Once you've bested Ardan, you're off to Vienna.