Giovanni Warehouse
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When you've successfully attached the uplink transponder to the FBI's communication box, return to Dev/Null. He'll tell you the access code to enter the Giovanni Warehouse. Leave the apartment and head back in the direction that you started the New York act at. The building in front of where the FBI agent was standing is the Giovanni Warehouse, so let's head inside.

There really isn't much of a variety to the opponents you'll face inside the warehouse, your only worries are Giovanni vampires and Wraiths. The difficulty level of each Giovanni greatly depends on What weapon he is wielding. Some of them are simple, but others, such as the ones with Rocket Launchers, can decimate a member of your party in no time. The wraiths are really only a threat in large numbers. Pull one or two at a time and you should have little to no trouble.

Move slowly through the warehouse, being sure to grab all the cash, armor, and weaponry spoils you can. On the second floor, you'll run into the FBI agent you met when you initially came to New York. You'll face off with a slew of vampires with him, after which he will become injured and your only choice will be to leave him and continue on.

On the final level, you'll reach Allesandro Giovanni's private chambers. Now, you won't know this yet, but Pink is a traitor. Before talking with Allesandro, strip Pink of all his equipment. This will ensure that you don't lose it after he leaves the party. When you head inside to confront Allesandro, a cinematic sequence will start rolling and Pink will leap on the mob boss and kill him. Christof will demand why Pink killed him, when suddenly Wilhelm (your medieval ally) will enter the room. Wilhelm will reveal that Pink is planning to kill you and Pink will admit his guilt, then teleport away. Your party won't be any less powerful now that Pink is gone, however, as Ecaterina has given Wilhelm instructions to join your party. Now it's time to visit the Barclay South in uptown New York.