Beginning (Prague)
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You begin the game as Christof Romuald, a 12th century knight who is laid up in bed within a convent in medieval Prague after having received an arrow wound during battle in the Crusades. It is here that you will meet Anezka, a nun who has nursed you back to health since your injury. The first night after you meet her, the convent will be invaded by a couple of Szlachta, and you will be forced to save her from them. After doing so, you will pass out from the pain of your wound and awaken to Anezka once again, who will tell you of the evil that surrounds Prague. Soon after, Archbishop Geza (the overseer of St. Thomas' Cathedral) will enter the room and ask you to venture into the Silver Mines near town and rid them of the evil lurking there.

Before leaving for the mines, you will want to explore the city, as there are a few areas of interest. Just outside the convent, there are a couple of barrels that you can attack, which will provide you with various random goodies, such as potions or even weapons. Throughout Prague, be sure to attack any and all barrels that you can, they are a good source of extra treasure. Next to the convent, you'll find St. Thomas' Cathedral. Be sure to stop by and speak with Archbishop Geza once again, as he will bless you, giving you some experience for future allocation. Around the corner from the convent are a couple of Knights of St. John that you can speak with. Just beyond them lies the Inn of the Four Stags, where you can speak with the innkeeper and grab yourself a healing elixir.

After that, your next stop should be the blacksmith, which can be found near Judith Bridge. At the beginning, you don't have much money to spend, but you may want to purchase a buckler (or whatever you can afford) to aid in your endeavors in the Silver Mines. Additionally, Jiri (the smith) will mention a gypsy witch named Unorna that sells magical items, but will not tell you of her location unless you promise not to hurt her. Once he tells you of her location (in Golden Lane), pay her a visit to learn a bit more about Prague's current situation and to possibly buy something, if you have any money left.

Once you've become familiar with Prague and have visited each of the above locations, head out to the Silver Mines via the east gate.