Temple of Set
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The Temple of Set is home to some seriously deranged vampires known simply as Setites. Setites are capable of summoning Vipers, draining your vitae, and putting your party members in awe, and will also be wielding machetes, guns, rifles, and incinerators. It sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. With both Pink and Lily in your party, you shouldn't have too much trouble with any of them. However, if you haven't installed the latest patch yet, I recommend doing so now, as being able to save at any time will come in handy due to the fact that you cannot use Walk the Abyss whatsoever within the temple.

As you charge through the temple, you'll realize that several areas will initially be inaccessible. If you reach a door that you cannot open, it will most likely require you to flip a switch in another room before it will open. Press on through each room, taking out every Setite you meet. If any of your party members get Awed, switch to an alternate member until the Awe wears off. Your only real worry is getting overpowered by the Setites, should you anger more than 2-3 at a time.

Eventually, on the last floor, you'll meet the woman who has enslaved Lily, Lucretia. Wearing a revealing dress and wielding a double-headed snake staff, she is an interesting sight indeed. If you choose to stand up for Lily during your dialogue with Lucretia, you'll gain ten points of humanity. Either way, you're going to have to fight her. Lucretia should be a quick battle at this point, as her disciplines aren't a whole lot more powerful than a regular Setite. However, even after you best her, she will split into several snakes and escape. Therefore, with a little information from Lily, you decide to travel to the Tower of London in search of Lucretia's heart. This will give you a little bargaining power when you deal with Lucretia again.