Uptown New York
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The Barclay South is a condominium complex in uptown New York. After leaving the Giovanni Warehouse, you'll have to jump in the cab to get uptown. Once you're there, head inside and talk with the manager. He will tell you that Orsi moved out of his penthouse a couple days ago. However, he will offer to sell the place to you, so of course you want to see it first. Go up the elevator and search the penthouse to find an artist's pallette on the floor.

Uncertain as to what to do with the pallette, leave the Barclay South and follow the street to the left, towards the gypsy shop. Instead of going into the shop, however, go into the door down the street a bit farther, which is the Barclay Storage building. When you go inside, you'll meet Alexandra, a vampire who is painting a picture of Vukodlak for his resurrection. Not long after talking to her, a couple of Ventrue will come in for the painting and end up attacking you. This is not a difficult fight, so just overpower them and take the painting in their stead. Return down the street that you came from and this time go the opposite direction towards Orsi's Factory. Two Venture guards will be standing outside, but when they see the picture of Vukodlak, they will let you enter. Time to repay Orsi for locking you up in the Teutonic Base 800 years ago...