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Once you've passed through the door in the face of the clock, you'll find yourself in a unique situation. The sun has come up and if any member of your party stands near a window or another source of sunlight within the clock tower, they will catch fire (which causes some pretty serious damage). Therefore, when navigating through the more sunlit areas of Stephansdom, it is best to temporarily remove each member of the party and move them manually.

As you make your way through the clock tower, you will encounter resistance from Lasombra Ghouls and Dark Hunters. Treasure is fairly abundant and you can grab yourself another Tome to learn a new discipline if you search thoroughly. In certain areas, you will find that you must utilize switches on the wall in order to open a door to continue on. These are only minor setbacks, however, and simply using the process of elimination will aid you in getting past them (I'd list the exact order of using the switches, but they are random each time the game is played).

The final area of Stephansdom is actually a church. Lasombra Ghouls and Dark Hunters will continue to attack you as you press on, but your search will finally be over when you come to a room where Luther Black is lying on a giant silver cross, just below a large overhead window. Speak with him and he'll tell you that he hates himself for what he is and ask you to redeem him. You have two choices at this point... you can either kill him or choose to let him live.

If you choose to kill him, Christof will bind Luther to the cross with Orsi's handcuffs and your party will have to make its way above Luther to open up the window. Opening the window requires switching two levers within a short period of time (~5 seconds). You can do this either by removing a character from the party and have them flip one switch while you flip the other, or you can use your Celerity discipline, which will make you fast enough to flip them both in time. As soon as both are flipped, the window will open and Luther will be transformed into a smoldering pile of ash by the sun. Once the deed is done, head back downstairs.

If you choose not to kill him (for a gain of 10 humanity), Luther will curse you and opens the window anyway, with your party still in the room. Get out of the room to avoid too much sunlight damage and then head back downstairs.

No matter which path you chose, when you reach the base of the stairs, you will encounter Orsi once again, but this time he has a couple of guards with him. A brief dialogue will ensue and afterwards you will be arrested and hauled off to the Teutonic base.