Teutonic Base
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You'll begin the Teutonic base having been locked in a cage by Orsi and his guards. Serena will come up with a plan of escape by raising a corpse from the dead and using it to switch the lever for your cell. As soon as this bit of cinematics is over, you will find yourself amidst dozens of hostile Teutonic Knights, Teutonic Lords, Ghoul Rats, and small Ghoul Spiders, so be ready for a good hack n' slash as you make your way out of the complex.

Throughout the base, you will find numerous treasures, including one of the most (if not *the* most) powerful swords in the game, the Ainkurn Sword. You'll find this sword in a room guarded by several Knights, a couple of Lords, and even a Teutonic Captain. Be very careful when entering this room, as the lot of them can make short work of your party. It's worth it, however, as victory means you can claim the sword, which will drain blood from your foes (and add it to your blood pool) as you strike them down. Quite the deal.

Not far from the previous room, you'll run into another room of Knights and Lords, along with a Tremere Regent. A brief cinematic will start, where you will notice both the Tremere and Teutonic coats-of-arms, revealing an alliance. Once you've learned all you can, continue into yet another room where you'll battle a couple a more Tremere. One of them will drop an amulet that is required to gain access to the Haus De Hexe. Grab it and put it away for safekeeping until you can unlock its secrets and head to the final level.

This last level presents a reasonable challenge. There are plenty of Knights in the first few rooms, but then you'll enter a church where a powerful Tremere Lord and several Knights will attempt to take you down. The Tremere is fairly capable in the discipline Call Lightning, so be quick to put him down to avoid too much injury. Just beyond this room, the Teutonic knights will put up a last stand against your escape. Leading the charge is another Teutonic Captain wielding an Exquisite Axe, so heal up a bit before confronting him. Once you've taken these remaining Teutons out, you're free to leave the base.

Once you're outside, make your way to Orvus and show him the amulet that you recovered from the Teutonic base. He will explain that the amulet is used to access the Tremere stronghold, Haus De Hexe, and will offer to unlock its magic on the condition that you retrieve the journal of Etrius from inside the stronghold and bring it to him. Agree, then make your way back to the outer courtyard and through the southern exit.