Society of Leopold
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Christof will awaken within a small storage room in what is known as the Society of Leopold, a group of vampire hunters in modern day London. He is unaware of the fact that he has been in torpor for 800 years and will confront a nearby Lab Worker about Anezka's location. Obviously, he doesn't know the answer, and Christof will end up killing him. Once you've taken him down, you will find any equipment that was on Christof's person in medieval Prague within the room. Additionally, the Lab Worker will have dropped a pistol, but I recommend using your medieval weapon, as the regular pistol is slow and does little damage.

Head out the nearby door and make your way through the complex. You will not only be fighting more Society of Leopold Lab Workers, but Soldiers as well. The Lab Workers are holy men and possess a couple of human "disciplines", such as Healing. They will mostly toss vials of holy water at Christof, which can cause some serious damage if you get hit by more than one. The ones you have to look out for are the ones carrying stakes. If one of these guys successfully hits you with the stake, Christof will fall to his knees for a good 20-30 seconds while your enemies continue to hack away on you. Avoid being staked at all costs. The soldiers carry stakes as well, but most of the time they'll be wielding a rifle or incinerator. Even though stakes are basically your worst fear, getting burned by an incinerator causes some pretty serious damage, so be careful.

Treasure is pretty abundant. You'll be finding lots of modern weapons, armor, and blood packs. There is even another unique artifact to be found, the Argent Baton. You'll find this weapon in a locked cabinet. The only way to gain access to it is to click on one of the books in a nearby bookcase. Additionally, you're going to be running into parchments from time to time that will give you a brief history of what has happened since the fall of Vysehrad Castle. These parchments aren't critical to the game, but they will bring you up to speed after you 800 year sleep.

On the final level of the Society of Leopold, you will run into Father Leopold on the upper level. Father Leo is the leader of the society and has been tracking down vampires for some 200 years, killing them, and drinking their blood to sustain his life. You'll have two choices once you meet him. You can either simply defeat him in melee or you can destroy his blood vats. Either of these methods will work, as destroying his blood vats will cause him to pathetically cower on the floor and attempt to lick his blood off the ground. Once you've taken him out, a door will have opened on the lower level, allowing you access to the streets of London.