Werewolf Quests
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There are two ways you can become a werewolf in Bloodmoon. During the main quest, you will be infected during the werewolf attack on the Skaal Village. The only other way is to become infected when you fight a werewolf, which is very unlikely to happen (see the last section in this walkthrough). Once infected, a simple cure disease spell, potion, or scroll is all it takes to cure you within the first three days. But once you have been transformed, you will have to go to greater lengths to remove the curse.


After you are infected, wait 3 days and rest -- but don't rest where you will be seen. After the first transformation, you will transform into a werewolf at 9 pm and back into a human at 6 am. If you are seen changing to or from your werewolf state, your cover will be blown and everyone will treat you like a mass murderer.

Werewolf Abilities
  • The following attribute scores will increase: agility, endurance, speed, strength
  • The following skill scores will increase: acrobatics, athletics, hand-to-hand, sneak, unarmored
  • You will have constant night-eye and detect animal vision
  • You will be immune to disease (common and blight)
  • You will regenerate constantly once you've fed for the night
  • Your unarmed attacks damage health not fatigue


  • You must kill one person every night or your health and fatigue will fade rapidly
  • You cannot use your inventory or cast spells
  • You can't talk -- people will either attack you on sight or flee
  • Your luck will drop
  • All non-werewolf powers, skills, ranks, and so forth are obsolete while in werewolf form
  • Silver weapons will do double damage against you

The Main Quest as a Werewolf

There are no formal werewolf quests, but there is a werewolf version of some of the main quest, and there is also a quest to cure you of your lycanthropy. You will receive your versions of the main quest from Hircine, the Daedra lord, in your sleep. Obviously, all of these quests take place after werewolves in the Skaal Village infected you (assuming you did nothing to cure yourself within the first three days). You'll want to read through the human versions of these quests, too, since the werewolf version is the opposite and I'm basing this walkthrough on the premise that you are familiar with the human side of the quests.

Defend the Totem of Claw and Fang

Hircine's first task for you as a werewolf will be to stop the Skaal from taking the Totem. Go to the Tombs of Skaalara. Inside there will be 5 Skaal. You have to kill them and then defend the Totem from other Skaal who will spawn in. Once you have killed 12 Skaal, they will stop spawning, but there may be a couple more who appeared before your kill total hit 12. You have to stop the Skaal from leaving with the Totem, so it's possible for one of them to get to it, but not make it out the door, if you know what I mean. If you kill one who had the Totem, the Totem is magically transferred back to the chest. You will be told via an on-screen message if a Skaal has acquired the Totem. For your strong defense, Hircine will grant you sharper claws.

Stop the Ristaag

Hircine will tell you to go to the location where the Ristaag will take place (between the Isild and Harstrad Rivers, north of the cave Gronn and to the west of Lake Fjalding). Once there, you will have to kill 10 Skaal. They will start spawning once you're around, and won't stop until you've killed 10. Once they stop spawning, you'll have to kill any extras that might be around before the Spirit Bear appears to your south. As a reward, in a day, when you are a human again, you will find that you have the ability to summon a bonewolf.

Stop Krish

Hircine will tell you to go to Castle Karstaag. You can enter the castle directly from the south side and once inside, talk (yes, talk) to Dulk. You'll be instructed to head down to Caverns of Karstaag and kill all 8 grahl down there as well as Krish. Do it, and report back to Dulk. Your next reward is the ability to heal yourself of 1,000 health once a day.

Meet Hircine

You will awake from your next dream face-to-face with Hircine, who will outline the nature of his game to you then he'll vanish. Big decision: do you want to do this in human form or in werewolf form? Decide before you leave this room, because once you leave, you can't turn back (pun intended). If you want to go as a human, just wait until you change back and then do whatever you can to replenish all the health you lost from not feeding.

Outer Ring

You can either avoid or kill Falx Carius. He will surely try to kill you. Make your way to the center of the ring, killing or evading other werewolves, and get transported to the Inner Ring. You don't need a key to leave if you're a werewolf.

Inner Ring

Heart-Fang will turn into a werewolf and attack. Again, you can simply evade him, but he happens to have Hircine's Ring on him, which is kinda worth getting. The catch is that you may want to save your health as well as maximizing your time in werewolf form for when you get into the Huntsman's Hall. If you take too long, you'll turn human, and then you'll have to kill him for the key and/or ring anyway.

The Huntsman's Hall

Your first opponent will be Karstaag. As a werewolf, he's not so tough. So slice him to ribbons. When you're ready, head toward the next gateway. You'll be stopped and Hircine will appear. At this point there is no difference between the normal human version of the main quest and being a werewolf. You'll get to choose which aspect of Hircine you wish to fight and then you'll do so. The only catch I must mention here is that if you are in werewolf form, don't leave until you're human again. You'll want to loot whatever aspect you faced (each aspect has a different item -- either the Spear of the Hunter, the Hunter's Amulet of Strength, or the Hunter's Amulet of Speed) before you leave.

That's it. You've completed the main quest and you're a werewolf. So do whatever you want, but when you get tired of being a werewolf…

Curing Lycanthropy Method 1: Sacrifice

Go to the Fort Frostmoth docks and pick up the Odd Rumor Note you find there. Then travel to the Altar of Thrond and you'll see a big raven there (Ettiene, a witch). She'll offer to cure you of your lycanthropy. You can refuse now and come back later if you wish. But once you accept, she will transport you inside the Gloomy Cave. Talk to her two sisters, Isobel and Fallaise, who will ask you for ripened belladonna berries and wolfsbane petals, respectively. The berries can be found on any spriggans you kill or outside of many caves and barrows on the island. The wolfsbane petals are only in two locations. You can climb to the top of Hvitkald Peak and take the petals from the flower there or you can go to Lassnr's House in the Skaal Village and take the petals from his table within. Once you bring the ingredients back to her sisters, you can talk to Ettiene again. She will warp you back to the Altar of Thrond. There will be an unconscious Nord female on the Altar as well as a dagger. Ettiene will tell you to kill the woman with the dagger and take the heart from her corpse. Kill her and give Ettiene the heart and she will give you the Heart of a Wolf, which you are to put inside the dead naked woman. Disgusting. After doing this, speak to Ettiene and she'll tell you that now the Nord woman will become a werewolf that you have to kill. And hey, she's right! Kill the werewolf and then talk to Ettiene to have her confirm that you are no longer a werewolf, nor can you ever become one again.

Curing Lycanthropy Method 2: Scroll

If you feel kind of dirty doing things that way, then there is another option. Turn down Ettiene at the Altar and then kill her. Take the note from her body. Go to the Gloomy Cave and locate the icicle in the ceiling that the note refers to. You'll need to jump or levitate to reach it. Inside is a scroll to cure lycanthropy. Equip it and you're cured. Alternatively, you can accept her offer, go to the cave, attack and kill her and/or her sisters, and then use the scroll in the icicle. You can also simply go to the cave and use the scroll. But what fun would that be?

Other Werewolves

Notice how you don't run into werewolves much? That's because there aren't many. There will be 10 werewolves in the Tombs of Skaalara for the main quest, 7 werewolves will attack the Skaal village during the main quest, and there will be two more werewolves inside the Greathall during that same attack. And if you're a werewolf and you're curing yourself of lycanthropy using the sacrificial method, the Nord you sacrifice will turn into a werewolf. And of course, at the end of the main quest, there are 17 and 14 Hounds of Hircine in the Outer and Inner Rings, respectively, and they're just glorified werewolves. But outside of these very structured encounters, are there no werewolves? Well, there are, 9 of them to be precise, but it's not likely that you'll find them.

During the day, did you encounter anyone with a name like Confused Lunatic, Gibbering Lunatic, Insane Wanderer, Wandering Idiot, or Wandering Lunatic? Well, guess what? These are your werewolves, in their daytime forms. At night, they would be in werewolf form. Heck, if you find one, follow them and watch them change. But they are all random encounters -- and they are programmed to have a 1 in 100 chance of spawning based on your character being 100th level. This chance will improve by 1% for every level over 100. They are also all high level NPCs -- their levels range from 55 to 99. If those two pieces of information don't deter you from seeking them out, here are their possible spawning points and stats:
  • Confused Lunatic
  • -- 65th level male Nord Barbarian -- Connorflenge Barrow (inside the barrow)
  • Wandering Lunatic -- 65th level male Orc Barbarian -- Thirsk (outside the mead hall to the northeast)
  • Insane Wanderer -- 99th level female Dark Elf Barbarian -- Stormpfund Barrow (inside the barrow)
  • Insane Wanderer -- 65th level female Nord Barbarian -- Isinfier Plains (east of the Sun Stone, close to the shore, on the grass between two patches of flat stone ground)
  • Gibbering Lunatic -- 87th level male Breton Barbarian -- Hirstaang Forest (east of Raven Rock, past the little stone hill and then a little south)
  • Gibbering Lunatic -- 88th level male Breton Barbarian -- Hirstaang Forest (just north of the Earth Stone)
  • Wandering Idiot -- 75th level male Imperial Barbarian -- Isinfier Plains (south of the remains of the Dwemer Airship, east of the end of the long river that cuts in from the center of the western shore running northeast)
  • Confused Lunatic -- 55th level male Imperial Battlemage -- Thirsk (outside the mead hall to the north)
  • Wandering Lunatic -- 55th level male Nord Barbarian -- Brodir Grove (north of the circle of stones and just east of Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling)

Vampire Werewolves

What happens if you are a werewolf character, and a vampire attacks you? Or, what if you're a vampire character and you put on Hircine's Ring? A terrifying thought, and what a character! While theoretically you can be both a vampire and a werewolf at the same time, there is a gruesome bug associated with this. You will have a sideways vampire head and a werewolf body. Not too cool. And I'm not sure, but I don't think your ability scores will stack properly either (although that's less of an issue than your foolish appearance). Granted, there is a mod out there to fix this, but in a "clean" game, this combo will not work out.