Vampire Quests
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Regardless of which clan you belong to, these quests are available to you.

Talk to Sanvyn Llethri

In the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild, inquire about "latest rumors." Then go to Llethri Manor and talk to Fathasa Llethri. She'll ask you to talk her son out of his fascination with vampires. So, go find her son, Sanvyn, who's just down the hall, and pick insulting dialogue options until he attacks you. Let him beat on you, but don't fight back. Once your health is halved, he'll stop, disgusted at how weak vampires are. Swallow your pride and head back to mom to close out the quest (personally, I like to come back later that night and kill them all, but maybe I've been watching too many horror movies).

Fight Marara

In Tel Mora, ask about latest rumors and learn about a vampire named Marara in the Drethan Ancestral Tomb, which is southwest of Ald Daedroth. Once you go there and find her, you'll learn that she wants to die at the hand of her own kind. That's you, silly. So accept, and kill her. Did I mention that she'll fight back? Anyway, once she's dead, you get to keep her loot and will have completed the quest.

Free Mastrius

Northeast of Odrosal, inside the Ghostfence, is the Salvel Ancestral Tomb. Inside is a Quarra vampire decked out in ebony armor, Mastrius. Talk to him to learn that Azura imprisoned him here, and naturally, he wants out. Think he needs your help? Of course he does. Mastrius will ask you to bring him two things: a Daedra's heart and the magical shield, Spell Breaker. A Daedra's heart can be bought or acquired through combat. Spell Breaker can be found in Bthuand, a dwemer ruin west of Zergonipal (a Daedric shrine). Inside Bthuand, you'll find the shield amid collapsed rocks. Note: the shield is not there unless you are on this quest.

So you get a Daedra heart and the shield, and head back to Mastrius. He'll take the items, but he isn't done with you yet. He also needs you to let him absorb some of your life force. Let him, and as he does, things will go black, and you'll come to with half of your health and stamina… at which point he attacks you. Surprised? Well, get over it, kill him, and loot his body to close out the quest.

Note: if the quest doesn't clear from your journal, open your console and type in: Journal "VA_VampCurse" 100.

Kill Shashev

In the Vivec Mages Guild, talk to Sirilonwe about getting "someone killed." This someone is Shashev, who can be found in the Ald Skar Inn in Ald'ruhn. Go there, kill Shashev, loot the corpse, and report back to Sirilonwe. Good work.

Note: if you did the Daedric shrine quest for Boethiah, and you got Goldbrand for having the shrine rebuilt, you can upgrade Goldbrand. After killing Shashev, report back to Sirilonwe with Goldbrand and exactly 11,171 gp in your inventory. When you talk to Sirilonwe to complete the Shashev quest, Goldbrand will be replaced with Bluebrand, a differently colored and more powerful version of Goldbrand. You will also see the message, "Go to hell, Carolina!" Make of this what you will.

Collect Vampire Dust

Once you've killed Shashev for Sirilonwe, you can talk to her again and get a quest to retrieve some vampire dust for her. She wants 3 piles. So go get ‘em. You can buy the dust from merchants or kill some vampires for it. When you turn over the dust to her, you will have completed the quest. Now get lost.

Kill Rimintil

In the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora, talk to Raven Omayn. She'll direct you to kill Rimintil, who is in the central tower of Tel Vos. He's the one in all the dwemer armor. Simple enough.

Retrieve the Blood of the Quarra Masters

Now, if you didn't retrieve the Blood of the Quarra Masters for Raxle Berne, it should still be in Druscashti, under the protection of Volrina Quarra (see the Berne vampire quest for more info). Assuming you already killed Rimintil for Raven, and the Blood is still available in Druscashti, Raven will send you on a quest to retrieve it.

And that, my friends, wraps up all the vampire quests.

Vampire Cure

Tired of being alone? Tired of being relegated to darkness, indoor lighting, and bad weather? Do you yearn to complete new quests and meet new people (who don't run from you or try to kill you)? Then maybe it's time you considered leaving the vampire world behind. Here's how it's done.

The bottom line to curing vampirism is implied in the book, Vampires of Vvardenfell, Volume II, and is explicitly detailed in Galur Rithari's Papers. You can grab either of these books to read up on the cure at these locations:

VoV II can be purchased from Jobasha in his bookstore located in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Waistworks. Loose copies can also be found in Mawia, Odiniran, and Vas; as well as the Galom Daeus observatory, the Tribunal Temple Secret Library in Vivec, Kragenac's Library in Tureynulal, and the Central Tower in Tel Vos. Not too bad, eh?

But if you want a copy of Galur Rithari's Papers, you have to go to either Galom Daeus or Tureynulal. There are only these two copies of the book, but at least there's also a copy of VoV II nearby in both locations.

Having read them (or not) you're going to have to go to Bal Ur, a Daedric shrine just west of Suran. Work your way through to the underground section and locate Derar Hlervu. Chat with him first and then with the statue looming over the two of you.

Bal Ur will offer to cure you, but first you're going to have to do a little something for him: kill his daughter and her lover. His daughter is Molag Grunda, a winged twilight, and her boyfriend is Nomeg Gwai, a frost atronach. The lovebirds are holed up in the cave, Dubdilla, which is south of Vos. They're not easy to find in there, and you'll need sharp eyes and the ability to levitate.

Once you locate the pair and end their lives, head on back to big Bal Ur. Activate his statue again and he'll remove all your vampire abilities as well as making impossible for you to ever become a vampire again. Mission accomplished: you're cured.