Clan Berne
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Led by Raxle Berne, who is located in Galom Daeus' observatory, the Berne vampires are stealth-oriented vampires. In addition to the generic vampire bonuses, Berne clan vampires also receive a 20-point increase to their agility and an additional 20 points to their hand-to-hand, sneak, and unarmored scores.

Favored abilities: speed and willpower
Favored skills: acrobatics, athletics, marksman, short blade, sneak, unarmored
Friends: none
Foes: other Vampire Clans, Ashlanders, Sixth House, Temple; Imperial Legion and Cult, Fighters Guild, Hlaalu, Redoran, Blades; Mages' and Thieves Guilds

Note: if you have done the Tribunal Temple quests, Tharer Rotheloth will have asked you to kill Raxle Berne, and if you did, should you become a Berne vampire, you will not be able to access the Berne vampire quests.

Galom Daeus is a dwemer ruin in the north central part of the Molag Amur mountain range overlooking a lake of lava. It is southwest of Uvirith's Grave. Once you have become a Berne vampire, report to Raxle in Galom Daeus and take him up on his offer to "serve me." He'll give you your first quest:

Retrieve the Blood of the Quarra Masters

This item is in Druscashti, the Quarra headquarters, guarded by Volrina Quarra, the Quarra clan leader.

Note: this item is also the object of a generic vampire quest, and you will not have access to that quest if you retrieve the Blood for Raxle.

Once you enter the ruin, go right twice to find the door to the lower level. In the lower level, you're going to make a left and head down the stairs to find the room Volrina is in. But you will face opposition in the form of a 24th level vampire named Siri, and Volrina herself, who is 30th level. If you wander around, you'll find more foes. You may want to try and sneak past them as they can do a lot of damage.

The Blood of the Quarra Masters is in a locked (level 60) keg against the wall. If you can kill Volrina, you can get a key from her. Otherwise you'll have to pick the lock.

Successfully returning the Blood to Berne will allow you to use the clan merchants, Arenara and Germia, as well as presenting you with "an errand for you," your second quest:

Kill Merta

Merta is Berne vampire who split from the clan. She is in the Reloth tomb, which is southwest of the Maekashishi shrine and southeast of Khuul. Find her, kill her, and report back to Berne to receive an amulet that teleports you to Galom Daeus when it is equipped.

Finally, inquire about "future rewards" and Berne will impose your final quest upon you:

Kill 12 Aundae and/or Quarra Vampires

Traipse around to other clan locations and rack up your kills to the magical number, 12, and then head home.

Aundae Clan Locations: Ashmelech -- Aundae HQ -- Dhaunayne Aundae and 13 other named vampires
Aralen Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Aundae vampires
Dulo Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Aundae vampires
Sarethi Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Aundae vampires

Quarra Clan locations: Druscashti -- Quarra HQ -- Volrina Quarra and 6 other named vampires
Alen Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Quarra vampires
Hleran Ancestral Tomb -- 4 Quarra vampires
Salvel Ancestral Tomb -- Mastrius -- a Quarra vampire
Serano Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Quarra vampires

For doing this, you'll be allowed to use the "cattle" for restoring your health. But, as with the Aundae quest reward in the same vein (pun intended), don't kill them.